Magical Holiday Shows Not to Be Missed This Season

There’s nothing quite as enchanting as seeing a live play, ballet or choir in person. These 7 shows are guaranteed to get the whole family in the holiday spirit!

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Baby Got Bach: Music Concert Series Just For Kids

Hoping to instill some appreciation of music beyond the iTunes top 10? Check out these series developed for the tiniest of culture vultures.

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Not-So-Silent Night: Holiday Concerts That Deliver Christmas Cheer

Oh baby, it’s cold outside! Singing the 1936 song is as close as you’ll ever get to snow flurries in the Bay Area but holiday concerts largely make up in winter spirit what balmy skies deny us. ‘Tis the season…

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62% Off BookPig (Kids’ Book Rental Club)

Does your kid devour books faster than you can get to the libary? Rather than making constant trips (only to find them reluctant to return favorites), why not try out BookPig? Despite its gluttonous name, it’s not an endless stream…

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Bay Area December Hot List: Holiday Events

We’re happy to share with you some very special events this holiday season from our business partners.
Tutu School is Having a Sweet Celebration on Sunday, December 6th! In honor of Tutu School’s first months in Marin County, please join…

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