5 Everyday Things Seattle Families Can Do to Encourage Diversity

If recent events have left you feeling overwhelmed, heartbroken and uncertain, here are five simple things Seattle families can do to be intentional about race and diversity any day of the week.

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Great Expectations and Great Explanations

One day our children will be off on their own, making their own decisions, based on their own moral compass, carrying their own great expectations into the wide, wide, world. And we’ll be glad we took the time to offer these great explanations.

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How I Explain Difficult Things to My Children Like “What Is a Nazi?”

Watching “The Sound of Music” with my kids lead to many questions. Here’s how I explain to my children difficult topics.

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Kids Not Behaving? Psychologist Says Teaching Empathy Can Help

We all know kids misbehave sometimes, but here’s one way to get them to stop.

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5 Inspiring Women Your Kids Should Know About

There is nothing like the story of a strong, smart and ground-breaking women to get your little one to set the bar high. From an iconic 15-year-old author to a daring pilot to a (maybe??) first woman president of the…

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Date Night: The New MOHAI

There’s something ironic about a museum devoted to documenting a city’s progress getting booted out of its home in the name of progress.

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Then again, the team at Seattle’s Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI)…

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