Saddle Up! 7 Horseback Riding Spots for Equestrians-in-Training

Take your little one for horseback ride or riding lesson at one of these spots.

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6 Boredom Busting Spring Break Camps

If you’re looking to fill your kid’s days off with a little bit of structure, these courses—which feature everything from craft projects to science experiments—are educational and ridiculously fun!

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Giddy Up: 9 Horseback Riding Hot Spots for Little Buckaroos

Sign your little jockey up for private lessons, equestrian camps, pony rides and more at one of these awesome horseback riding facilities.

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Hold Your Horses! Awesome Summer Camps for Equestrian-Loving Littles

Horsing around is typically forbidden at summer camp. But at these six equestrian centers, that’s the name of the game. Campers are encouraged to saddle up to confidence-building activities, including horse care, barn work, and riding

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Slip Into the Saddle: NYC Horseback Riding Lessons

Remember that classic Seinfeld episode where quintessential New Yorker Jerry announces that he hates anyone who had a pony growing up? (If you don’t remember that scene, watch it here, you won’t regret it.) The reason for Jerry’s animus probably…

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