My Twins Are 5 & I Don’t Want This Magical Summer to End

Photo: I Got a Dumpster Family!
There’s a distance that seems to be widening as they grow a bit older: five and a half years, to be precise. Like I’m watching from afar, not quite so close. They are doing…

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Warning: You’re Probably Talking to Your Kids Too Much

Narrating a child’s experience is vital to develop language and build vocabulary, but it can be taken too far.

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Why Kids (and Adults) Need to Go Outside and Play

The latest studies show how important exercise and time in nature are to the development of our precious children. Here’s how you can help make the outside more interesting than their electronic devices.

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You Don’t Have to Be a Helicopter Parent to Protect Your Kids Online

Here’s how you can help you protect your kids online, without micromanaging their tech activity.

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Are You a “Jet Fighter” Parent?

Between helicopters, snow plows and lawnmowers, there’s yet another parenting “style” making a comeback.

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Soar to New Heights with the Kids at iFly

iFLY, the Chicago area’s first indoor skydiving center, packs big thrills. And kids as young as 3 can give it a whirl.

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Helicopter, Hover or Hands-Off: Knowing When to Step In

My daughter starts soccer tomorrow. When the team rosters were sent out last week, I noticed that three of her friends were on a team together, whereas she was put on a different team with five other people she didn’t…

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Being a Helicopter Parent Is Actually Bad for Your Health, Science Says

When hover becomes smother—and how it can make you sicker.

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Parent Controls, Plus More Reasons to Love the Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Kids love tablets, but parents worry about screen time. Thankfully, Amazon makes the whole family happy with the Fire Kids Edition Tablet, the go-to device with a little something for everyone.
Take advantage of Amazon’s current deal and get your …

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This Is How Helicopter Parenting Ruins Childhood Magic

Helicopter Parent: noun, informal noun: helicopter parent; plural noun: helicopter parents

a parent who takes an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children.

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This generation has seen the rise of a…

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New Study Finds Pet Dogs Help Reduce Kids’ Stress

Can dogs help kids feel calmer? It all depends if they’re close buddies.

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I Can’t Do It All

I missed the very first time my 6-year-old daughter scored a goal.
She played hockey for 7 months last season, and I was at every single game. I enjoy watching her have fun. I love seeing her master new skills.…

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Love in the Time of a Stomach Bug: When Parenting Isn’t Fun

My daughter got hit with the stomach flu last week. We spend almost five days indoors—her on the couch and me hovering with fluids and other remedies. It completely threw us for a loop because this year, when it comes…

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Parenting Style Primer: What Kind of Parent Will You Be?

No idea what the difference between a tiger mom and a helicopter parent is? Learn the basics now so you can keep up with the playground small talk later.

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Do You Remember These Classic Sidewalk Toys from the ’80s & ’90s?

You cut your teeth (and probably skinned your knees) on these nostalgic toys from your summers of yore. Take a trip down memory lane for a good laugh.

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Salmon with Green Beans & Lemon Zest

It doesn’t get much easier than this recipe–place all of your ingredients on parchment paper, wrap up the bundle, and bake it for 15 minutes.

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by Cathie Ericson

Batter Up: Two Local Stadiums a Homerun for Little Sluggers

Sure, here in Portland we don’t have a major league team like in Seattle, Los Angeles or San Francisco, but what we have is something better. We boast not one, but two Single A teams: the Hillsboro Hops and the…

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10 Ways to Keep Cool This Weekend

This weekend’s gonna be a scorcher. With temperatures hovering around 90 degrees, Portlanders are gearing up for a seriously sunny weekend. There’s nothing worse than a cranky kid on a hot day, so we’ve compiled some helpful tips on how…

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EXPLORE: Scavenger Hunt on the UC campus

Kids love a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt, though as any parent who’s put one together knows, they are a ton of work. But if you bring the clan to the U.C. Berkeley campus, they’ve done the work for you, and…

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