10 Words & Phrases You Might Not Know Are Racist

Over time and with a greater understanding of one another’s experiences, we can learn to communicate with greater sensitivity.

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Kindness Is Our Superpower

“I’m choosing to be a person that my kids would be proud of it and it starts with being kind to everyone.”

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kid book

Should We Continue to Celebrate Dr. Seuss?

“As an educator, parent, grandparent, and human, I know that representation is important. When children do not see themselves in books or see depictions that are negative, no matter how subtle, true damage is done.”

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These 6 Dr. Seuss Books Will No Longer Be Published & For the Best Reason

The announcement was made on Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

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We Need to Erase This Word

“There is no correct way to use this word.”

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How to Manage Family Conflict during COVID

“We can’t change that facts, but we can be prepared with strategies like the ones suggested above to help smooth over the struggles brought upon by the unprecedented difficulties we are all living through at this time.”

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How I Finally Found a Way to Enjoy Mother’s Day

“For years I’ve secretly hated Mother’s Day. Over time I’ve held high expectations that turned to high hopes and then into dread.”

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Father and children

Fathers Are Parents, Not Babysitters

“It’s time we change this narrative. One dad at a time.”

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6 Positive Ways Kids Can Use Social Media

“Social media has its positive and negative sides. As parents, we can choose to either keep worrying about the dangers posed by social media or teach our kids to safely navigate this online world.”

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Valentine’s Day & Divorce

What happens when you are considering divorce (whether in your head or out loud) and February rolls around? For better and for worse, Jacqueline Newman has got the heart-filled holiday covered.

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10 Times She Shouldn’t Say Sorry

Parents: Read this list from the Girl Scouts with your daughter, and remind her that although it’s important to make amends when she’s truly done something wrong, apologizing when she hasn’t can undermine how others see her and damage her self-worth.

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How Parents Step Back & Create Harmony When They’re Feeling Overwhelmed

“Emotional drama can sweep through a family faster than the sniffles kids bring home from school.”

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Instagram… for Kids? We Have Thoughts

It’s more than just a social media platform.

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When Being Her Mom Just Isn’t Enough for My Little Girl

It wasn’t even 10 a.m. yet and I’d already found a way to crush my daughter to her core. My guilty offense? I didn’t let her watch a fourth—yes I said fourth—episode of her favorite early morning cartoon.
We’d eaten…

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How My Husband and I Teach Our Kids about Cyberbullying

News that the app Sarahah, which enables users to stalk and leave anonymous comments across the already controversial Snapchat, is topping the app charts across the world, concerns me. Are many of you feeling as worried as I am right…

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This Woman’s Story About Her Toddler’s Meltdown Will Make You Want to Hug Her

Tantrums happen, and we can all learn a little something from this mommy blogger’s story.

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4 Tricks to Patient Parenting

Photo: Chirag B Patel
It’s bedtime and there’s a crying baby, another request for a drink, or your teenager talking back. When our stress level is high, even the small things our kids do or want us to do…

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Some Light Shed on Twinkle Toes

Not too long ago I wrote an article entitled “Why I Refuse to Buy my Child Twinkle Toes.” I was inspired by the suggested writing prompt after working in a preschool classroom at my job as a daycare teacher. After…

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Why I’m Quitting My Job as My Family’s Therapist

My resignation has been a long time coming. I know it will be easy to forget and fall back into my old role, but I just can’t do it anymore. It’s not my job, and it never has been. I…

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Why I’m Not Sorry I’m a “Young Mom”

If you’re under 30 and have a child in NYC it’s usually a shock. First of all the city is quite expensive but with that comes it’s just quite a fun lifest‌yle. To be frank, when I started taking my…

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Speech Delay Mom

I’ve been battling with myself whether to post this but decided I wanted to keep it for when William gets older. Lately hasn’t been easy for William. The poor child has gone through evaluations, tests, doctors appointments, misunderstandings, and difficult…

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Raising Compassionate Kids During the 2016 Elections

Photo: Global Munchkins
In a land founded by oppression you would think compassion would be in our blood. Yet, if you tune in to any of the election talk this year you will see that, sadly this is NOT the case.…

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How to Keep Your Sanity While Arguing With Your Teen

Photo: Tyler Jacobson
Raising teenagers is the hardest stage of parenting. All you want for your teen is to be happy, safe, and smart. The only problem is that you and your child have vast differences of opinion when it…

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No, Not Yet Mommy: Why I am Not Teaching My Children About Racism

Photo: Jason Ferguson
When I ask my two year old daughter to complete a task that she is not willing to do, she responds politely, “No, not yet mommy.” Unless it is something that requires immediate attention, I do not…

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To the Zoo Mom

 I am the first to admit to how easy it is to lose track of a child in a nano second, like literally a nano second, while dealing with another. I have 3 and I can tell you that they…

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