Building a Bilingual Global Future at the German International School

Ever wish you mastered another language as a child? When kids have a bilingual education, they’re challenged daily to step out of their comfort zone and connect language to the world around them. Becoming bilingual gives children the tools to…

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 An Education That Extends Beyond Borders

The International School provides a warm, multicultural environment where children are fully immersed in Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin from preschool through 5th grade. Located in South Portland, TIS has provided students with a multicultural education for 30 years.

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Can Your Child Dream in Multiple Languages?

“As a mother of a 3 year old trilingual daughter (French, English, and Slovak) I see the benefits every day.”

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Meet This Mid-Market Montessori School

Construction is underway at 50 Fell Street to convert a beautiful historical building into a unique Montessori preschool complete with a natural playground. If you still haven’t found that perfect school for your child, check out this new gem. Spots…

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4 Preschools That Will Rock Your World

CareLuLu, a new daycare search engine for the D.C.-metro area designed by a husband and wife team with two tots of their own, is making it easier to find a daycare that stands out in the crowd. Here, their picks for preschools that take learning to a whole new level.

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