The Best New Store-Bought Snacks You Haven’t Tried Yet

Stock their lunches and your pantry with delicious, healthy snacks they will actually eat.

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18 Latinx Trailblazers Your Kids Should Know

All of these leaders, activists and historical figures contribute to the diverse culture that is the United States of America.

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New & Notable Store-Bought Meals, Beverages & Snacks for Babies & Toddlers

From plant-based to purees and back again, these are the best new snacks for babies and toddlers your money can buy.

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Our Favorite New Family Cookbooks

You and your sous chefs will love these new cookbooks filled with tasty and fun recipes perfect for the next family meal.

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Get Amped Up: 16 Science Kits for Curious Kids

Hands-on experimentation is the best way for kids to learn about science. These kits make it easy.

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Tips for Starting (& Keeping) a Successful Bedtime Routine

If getting your kids to dreamland is tough, look no further. We’ve found the solutions to your problem.

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Giving Grace Changes Everything

Regardless of the mistakes I make as a parent, there is no better feeling than tucking my children in at night when they wrap their arms around me and meet me with unconditional grace and love. Shouldn’t we offer the same to our children?

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7 Reasons Why More Outdoor Time Will Make Your Kids Better People

American kids see more screen than green these days. Here’s what to do about it.

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Smart Ways to Boost Your Family’s Immune System

A healthy diet helps, but don’t overlook these other research-backed ideas.

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How to Encourage Physical, Emotional & Intellectual Development in Kids

If you want your children to excel in all walks of life, it is important to understand how they develop.

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Sleep Health Is Maternal Health: Why Better Sleep Habits Matter

“You don’t have to hold your exhaustion up as proof of your parenthood or accept sleepless nights. You and your baby deserve a better night’s sleep.”

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What Kind of Mom Am I?

“Would I be the disciplinarian, the fun and cool mom, the teacher, or the helicopter mom?  It turns out, in these past five years, I have managed to be all of the above.”

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The Mind-Body Wellness Benefits of Tea for Parents

“We all need a little morning energy boost, midday pick-me-up, or evening relaxer every now and then, but not all are as beneficial to our overall health and wellness as tea.”

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How to Tame Your Child’s Sleep Monster

“Physically, kids who do not get enough sleep are at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, smaller stature, weakened immune system, and obesity.”

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7 Ways to Have the Healthiest Summer Yet

“These are simple ways to improve your health so you can have the healthiest summer ever.”

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Parenting Is Living Between Worry & Wonder

Worry and wonder are so intertwined in parenting that neither can exist without the other.

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9 Reasons Moms Need to Get Their Stress in Check

“Just like any job or role in life, being a mom can come with some serious stress. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to keep your stress in check.”

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Hello Bello Lip Balm

Stay Hydrated & Healthy with Hello Bello

Hello Bello has all of your winter essentials

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Simple Ways to Support Your Family’s Immune Health

“Foods that are called superfoods offer more nutrients, bite for bite, than other foods in their category. Sneaking superfoods into their diets is crucial.”

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The Importance of Developing Your Child’s Sense of Humor

“A good sense of humor is just one of the tools I want to give my kids for mastery of their life.”

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14 Holiday Give-Back Ideas in the Time of COVID-19

“Even though holidays will undoubtedly be different this year, research shows giving back makes us happier. With so many people in need this year—and many of us in need of some extra holiday cheer—there’s no better time to get involved with a charitable cause or two.”

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Why Being Outdoors in Winter Is So Very Good for Kids

“Even through a quick stretch to delight in nature when it’s terribly cold out, we grow more resilient when we learn to manage challenging conditions—something we’re finding kids struggle with more and more.”

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Study Shows Number of Times a Person Gives Birth May Affect Aging

These effects were found only after a person had gone through menopause.

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Give Your Kid’s Immunity a Boost with These Easy-to-Eat Foods

“Functional Nutritionist and busy mom, Glaudia Galate, believes healthy eating should be simple and enjoyable. Here are the foods she recommends to support our kids’ immune systems.”

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I’m a Dietitian & This Is Why I Feed My Child Seafood Twice a Week

“Over the years, more and more data has come out that highlights just how impactful two servings of seafood per week can be to little ones—enough to convince me that it is a must-have in my home.”

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Mom Hacks to Help Every Day Life

I’ve curated a small list of little things, that when added up can really make all the difference in moms filling their own cup, before they pour into others.

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14 Ways to Ensure Your Kids Make It through a COVID-19 School Year

“Here are some of the ways to ensure that our kids are safe, but that they also still enjoy school and make the most of their time there.”

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5 Simple Ways Parents Can Help Boost Their Kid’s Immunity

Photo: Khamkhor via Unsplash
I often get asked “How can I build my child’s Immunity?”  Here are some suggestions from an Immunologist (hint: it’s me).
1. It starts with a great diet.

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You are what you…

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Whole Foods Trends

Whole Foods Market Announces Top 10 Food Trends for 2021

The 2021 trends represent what’s new and next for the coming year.

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Yikes! This Pandemic Has Made Me Feel like I Was a New Mom Again

“How am I managing this second round of new parenthood level stress? I try to imagine I am talking to the new-mom me nine years ago and here are the 7 things I wish she had known or thought to do.”

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The One Thing All Babies Grow & Benefit from (& It’s Free!)

Doing this one thing will greatly improve your baby’s synaptic development, will challenge their senses, and increase their strength and balance—just to name a few!

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Should I Send My Vulnerable Child Back to School?

Here’s how some families are navigating this complicated question.

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17 Ways to Stay Awake When You’re Exhausted

These can’t-miss tips will help you stay awake, no matter how many hours of sleep you got!

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The Easiest Way to Boost Your Family’s Immunity

“Exercise, good sleep habits, and stress reduction techniques plus a healthy diet may be just what your family needs to stay healthy and happy.”

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Breastfeeding during COVID-19? What Every New Mom Needs to Know

Worried about nursing your newborn during COVID-19? This breastfeeding advice can help alleviate your stress.

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What Is Ayurveda & Can It Help Keep Your Family Healthy?

“Ayurveda teaches that a strong immune system is the natural result of a healthy lifestyle built upon adequate sleep, a balanced nervous system, and proper nutrition. Try it for a few weeks—you may be surprised by the positive results!”

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