Here’s Why Your Teen Needs to Turn Off Their Screen & Just Go to Sleep

New research highlights the importance of sleep for your teen’s mental health.

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9 Reasons Moms Need to Get Their Stress in Check

“Just like any job or role in life, being a mom can come with some serious stress. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to keep your stress in check.”

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Hello Bello Lip Balm

Stay Hydrated & Healthy with Hello Bello

Hello Bello has all of your winter essentials

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Give Your Kid’s Immunity a Boost with These Easy-to-Eat Foods

“Functional Nutritionist and busy mom, Glaudia Galate, believes healthy eating should be simple and enjoyable. Here are the foods she recommends to support our kids’ immune systems.”

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5 Simple Ways Parents Can Help Boost Their Kid’s Immunity

Photo: Khamkhor via Unsplash
I often get asked “How can I build my child’s Immunity?”  Here are some suggestions from an Immunologist (hint: it’s me).
1. It starts with a great diet.

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You are what you…

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What You Need to Know to Keep Your Child’s Health on Track

Remember when your biggest worry about taking them to the doctor was whether or not they’d throw a fit over getting a lollipop flavor they didn’t like?

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The Easiest Way to Boost Your Family’s Immunity

“Exercise, good sleep habits, and stress reduction techniques plus a healthy diet may be just what your family needs to stay healthy and happy.”

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What Is Ayurveda & Can It Help Keep Your Family Healthy?

“Ayurveda teaches that a strong immune system is the natural result of a healthy lifestyle built upon adequate sleep, a balanced nervous system, and proper nutrition. Try it for a few weeks—you may be surprised by the positive results!”

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The Truth about Mom Brain

“There is just so much to remember that your brain is in a constant state of thinking about random things, like if you put your toddler’s sippy cup back in the fridge before you went to work or if you will find it in a month in the bottom of the toy chest.”

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Can’t Get Your Kids to Eat When They Have a Cold? Here’s What to Feed Them

Try these tasty cold-busters when the kids are feelin’ crummy.

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What Parents Need to Know about the Measles Outbreak in 21 States

Don’t panic—but there are some important things parents of young kids and expectant parents need to know.

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The Man Flu Is a Real Thing, or So Researchers Say

As it turns out, the “man flu” may actually be a real thing.

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One Cool Thing: a Game-Changing New Organic Baby Food Co.

The busy, health-conscious Bay Area parent has a new friend in the subscription box business: Raised Real is offering fresh organic baby food delivered right to your door.

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Why Birdwatching Makes Your Kids More Mindful

Today is National Audubon Day! Find out why birdwatching is good for mind, body and soul and grab some tips to get started birdspotting with your little starlings.

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Antibiotic Use In Childhood Linked To Immune Diseases, According To Study

Research has uncovered a link between antibiotic use in children and immune diseases.

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5 Steps to Avoiding Getting the Flu

Photo: adobe stock
The winter season is one of the busiest times of year for pediatricians, as we see a huge peak in influenza( the flu) and other viruses. As we start to head deeper into flu season, the waiting…

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Feel Sicker When You’re Pregnant With a Girl? Studies Show You’re Not Making it Up

Photo:Mislav Marohnić via Flickr
At some point during pregnancy, every mom to be will be schooled by friends, family, and random strangers in the grocery store on the old wives tales connected to the sex of the baby. From the…

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Crazy Cat Ladies Are Owning Life Right Now

Historically cat lovers were stigmatized and judged as lonely single ladies who have not much else going on besides their furry companions. But nothing could be further than the truth. Now is the time for all of you cat folks…

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Refresh Yourselves at Make-Your-Own Juice Spot MiMo Blend

Taste the rainbow — and lots more — at this sweet & healthy DIY shop!

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The 12 Funniest Baby “Firsts”

There are tons of “firsts” happening every day — little things that might make you laugh, smile or even cringe. Have you experienced these yet?

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New & Cool: Juicing for Pregnant & New Moms

Sip, sip, hurray! Organic prenatal juices have just hit the market. Get the inside scoop here.

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Introducing Salt Studio: Your Healthy New Way to Play

Picture the kids in a room, frolicking, with sand beneath their feet. Except that the sand, is salt. And the walls, are salt. And that salt, at the new Salt Studio will help your kids play their way to outsmarting the fall flus.

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