After Reading My Notes from Middle School, This Is What I Want My Daughter to Know

Reading through these handfuls of folded paper, I was reminded of classmates I hadn’t thought of in decades, crushes I thought I’d never get over and endless inside jokes. But they also made me realize these five truths.

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What It Means When Your Child Prefers the Other Parent

“The pure acceptance of this is a way to remind your child that you are also available for them and acts as a reminder that they can trust and rely on you.”

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Too Much Produce in Your Garden? Here’s How to Donate It to People in Need

Bonnie Plants and AmpleHarvest.org have partnered to help you donate your garden surplus to local food pantries

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22 Ways to Make Your Hometown More Awesome

We’ve got great ideas to help you make your community even better. Mr. Rogers would approve.

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Two Good

Two Good Yogurt Announces One Cup, Less Hunger Program

For every cup of yogurt purchased, Two Good is donating a cup of food.

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The Only Type of Mom I Need to Be

“Being a mom is about moving through life with these little humans and making sense of it all. It’s about knowing that, for this short window in their life, no one knows them better than me or loves them more than I do.”

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Serena Instacart

Instacart Launches the #GiveFromTheCart Challenge

Serena Williams and her family made the first donation of 50,000 meals to Feeding America.

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10 Times She Shouldn’t Say Sorry

Parents: Read this list from the Girl Scouts with your daughter, and remind her that although it’s important to make amends when she’s truly done something wrong, apologizing when she hasn’t can undermine how others see her and damage her self-worth.

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5 Easy Ways to Encourage Kids to Do Good

They may be little, but they can still lend a hand. And Corn & Peg—the new show from Nickelodeon—can show them how. Produced by Nelvana Studios, the title characters “Corn” and “Peg” are always up to good in their community of Galloping Grove. New Episodes Weekdays 12:30/11:30c on Nickelodeon.

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These Are the Best States in America for Babies to Grow Up Healthy & Happy

A new report highlights obstacles babies face growing up.

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Meet Lily: The New “Sesame Street” Muppet Who Is Homeless

This new Muppet is here to offer help, hope and support for kids experiencing homelessness.

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Kids From Wealthier Families Feel More Life Stability, New Study Finds

While the study findings are hardly a surprise, here’s why they’re so important.

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The Science Behind Screen Time

Here’s some science behind why your kids are all about electronics 24-7.

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Why Today is My Lucky Day

Today is my lucky day. That is the mantra I’ve adopted and routinely share with my family. It doesn’t mean that today stands out above all others, nor is it implying a spontaneous eruption of good fortune is coming my…

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Unique Ways to Stay Cool When It Gets Hot

Conquer the dog days of summer with this list of special events and activities around town.

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Teaching My Daughters How to Be Lions Instead of Lambs

I come from a line of strong women. Women who worked hard for every dollar they ever made and raised a family, kept a home, and worked fields for harvest all in a day. Women who couldn’t go to college…

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Decided: I Am Not a Pinterest Mom

Photo: Pixabay
I saw a funny Buzzfeed video last week about the different kinds of moms you meet.
Apparently there are five different types: the PTA mom, the hipster mom, the crunchy mom, the parenting expert and the hot mess mom. (Not sure where I fit here…

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Hiding my Insecurities From my Daughter

Photo: Thomas Haslinger
While chatting with a close friend the other day, we started talking about the periods in our lives when we felt the most confident in ourselves. As I listened to her tell me about how she felt,…

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Why We Kiss in Front of Our Kids

Our wedding kiss was … ahem … awkward. It was a shy, quick peck that even our photographer couldn’t capture it. It was so unimpressive that some of our guests probably secretly held back some boos. I wouldn’t blame them…

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Just Opened: LocoL in Watts

Fast food that tastes great, does good, serves the community, pleases the kids and is still fast? Join the food revolution: first stop Watts!

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