This Instant Classic Celebrates the Bond Between Kids & Their Stuffed Animals

If you have a kid, you probably have a zooful of stuffed animals living with you. These “stuffies” are more than just cute clutter—they actually serve a fundamental purpose in a child’s life. Their favorite teddy or doll is their…

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This Amazing Program Donates to Your Favorite Charities Each Time You Shop

When you’re keeping a family going, it can feel like you’re constantly restocking on household goods. Do you have enough paper towels? What about diapers? And who could forget all of the laundry detergent? Thanks to a limited-time program from…

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15 Hacks That’ll Change Everything about Camping with Kids

Check out these hacks that completely change the family camping game with minimal effort.

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11 Amazing Dollar Store Organization Hacks

Get through all those piles and curb the every day clutter with these clever (and cheap) ideas.

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Can You Guess the New Mystery SOUR PATCH KIDS Flavor?

It’s the brand’s first ever contest.

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How We Survive Camping with Kids

“Yes, it took a lot of planning. But by the end of it, my kids grew to love camping, from the very first trip we took.”

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Need a Kids’ Bike for a Steal? This Santa Rosa Non-Profit Wants to Hook You Up

Faced with sending dozens of kids bikes to the scrap yard, this non-profit is ready to make a deal and get you set up with your next Trek, Schwinn, Navarro or Specialized bike.

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Frida Mom’s Newest Line Is about to Become Your Breast Friend

This new line will help you to breastfeed with less discomfort.

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10 Long-Lasting Products Every Mom Needs to Know About

As a mom to kids in three different age groups, these are products that are useful for a mom with kids from the newborn stage to 5-years-old

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Celebrate Snape’s Birthday by Reading All the Harry Potter Books for Free

Access ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines from your library using your phone or tablet.

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Doritos 3D Crunch

Doritos Unveils New 3D Crunch

The iconic snack is back and updated for a new generation.

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Natalie Portman Released a New Children’s Book, Just in Time for the Holidays

We all know the story of the three little pigs… or do we? Just in time for holiday gifting, Academy Award-winning actress and activist Natalie Portman has introduced a new book that retells classic fables with a modern twist.

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This Easy DIY Card Is the Next Best Thing to Giving an Actual Hug

Want to send a hug through the mail? We’ve got the cutest card that does just that.

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Monopoly Space Board Game

Hasbro’s New Space Capsule Is Out of This World

Explore outer space with some of your favorite games.

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No Birth Plan Includes the NICU: What to Do If You Find Yourself There

“No parent imagines themselves navigating the NICU until it actually happens, but my hope is that from the journey we walked, I can help another mom or dad prepare for what navigating the NICU might look like.”

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Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies Welcomes Teachers & Faculty Back with Free Cookies

They are also giving students the chance to win a $500 gift card.

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The Right Stuff

“The Right Stuff” from National Geographic Lands on Disney+

The eight-episode season looks at the early days of the U.S. Space Program.

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Now It Is Even Easier for Fans to Meet Broadway’s Biggest Stars

Connect with the stars of your favorite Broadway shows.

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Trident & T-Pain Team Up to Launch New Limited-Edition Chew Tunes Packs

This new interactive musical experience lets fans create an original beat.

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Operation: Pet Scan

Hasbro Gaming Introduces Operation Pet Scan

Press and hold Rex-Ray’s nose to hear an instant bark and fart sounds. 

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Coronavirus Homeschooling: What Your Kids Really Need to Learn

“After what seemed like a 100 hours of planning, I began to realize that what I want my kids to learn isn’t going to fit neatly into my 45 minute time blocks or available on any free trial educational websites. Beyond math worksheets and at-home science experiments, there are larger life lessons to learn.”

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Ben & Jerry’s Launches 2 New Cookie Dough Chunk Flavors

Find these cookie dough flavors in the freezer aisle.

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buybuy Baby Is Having a Major Sale & It’s Time to Stock Up

These kinds deals on these major brands don’t come around very often.

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With Over 3,000 Five-Star Reviews, This Is the Best Holiday Gift for Kids

Thousands of games, activities and books can be at your kid’s fingertips with this amazing deal.

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Cross Paths with This Easy Black Cat Craft

We hereby declare today Black Cat Day. With a few supplies and just a few minutes, this project really is the cat’s meow.

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11 Genius Ways to Hack an Amazing Kid’s Room

With these ideas, their rooms will actually look like the ones you covet online.

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Get Your Pre-Fall PSL Fix In with Starbucks’ New Line of Flavored Creamers

These Sbucks flavors are coming to your grocery store soon!

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