Why You Should Nurture Your Kid’s Emotional Intelligence

“Research shows high levels of emotional intelligence are directly linked to academic achievement, better relationships, greater success for adulthood, and improved mental health.”

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This New App Uses AI to Help Your Child Become a Better Reader

Help your child to read at home with the virtual tutor app.

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“Parents” Survey Finds Kindness Is Most Important Value

Yet 76% of moms believe kids today are less kind than past generations.

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6 Reasons Why January Babies Are Awesome (According to Studies)

According to studies, they are not only likely to be health professionals, but many of them also have good attitudes as well.

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Earth to Ned

“Earth to Ned” from the Jim Henson Company comes to Disney+

The aliens will interview some of the biggest stars in the galaxy.

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child taking test

Researchers Reduce IQ Exam Length While Maintaining Accuracy

Children with special needs may require a shorter test.

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13 Compliments You Need to Give Your Son

An open line of communication and positive feedback for your little guy are key.

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Beyond the Tiara: Disney Princess Culture and Gender Stereotypes

Photo: Free Digital photos
A research study about Disney princesses? Now this is research we can really use in our daily lives as parents. As a mom of boys, I have secretly been relieved that I didn’t have to go through the…

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Research Reveals the Truth about Why “Smart” Kids Cheat

Photo: klimkin via Pixabay
When I was in graduate school I worked as a teaching assistant for various professors in the department. This job entailed the usual responsibilities—grading papers, helping students with assignments and the like.
One particular semester I was…

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The Most Important Thing to Teach Your Child About Failure

Photo: pexels
Are you familiar with the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Remember than song about failure? Here’s a reminder:
Every bursted bubble has a glory! Each abysmal failure makes a point! Every glowing path that goes astray, Shows you how…

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DYPER Subscription Service Is Easy & Eco-Friendly

Get a one-week trial of this diaper subscription service for $8.

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Dear Husband, I Just Want to Be Alone

“This might be hard to hear but it needs to be said for my own sanity—dear husband, I want to be alone.”

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Kids Who Can Manage Emotions Do Better In School, Study Finds

Emotional intelligence was linked to higher test scores.

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This New Tool Can Predict Breast Cancer 5 Years in Advance

This is a game changer in early detection.

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Planning a Night Out? Just Ask Alexa

Alexa, book a reservation and call an Uber.

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Is Your Oldest Child the Smartest? This Study Weighs In

Research says one of your kids has an advantage over the others.

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Why Are Some Kids Better at Math & Reading Than Others? Personality Plays a Role

These personality traits could have a big impact on academic success.

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We Are Living in the Future, Especially When Baby’s First Word Is “Alexa”

Artificial intelligence is fast becoming part of the new normal for kids as they grow up.

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Pharrell’s Popular Netflix Show Proves That Boys Love Female Heroes, Too

Boys across the country have become avid fans of True and her candy-colored world.

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We Should Let Our Kids Fail. Here’s Why

“What if we told our kids that we must fail in order to succeed?”

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How Google Glass Could Help Kids With Autism

Google Glass could offer a breakthrough in early treatment for kids on the autism spectrum.

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Here’s How Alexa Responds If Your Kids Ask Where Babies Come From

Alexa will also (thankfully) help keep the magic of Santa alive, too.

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This Boy Helped Start the Global Movement to Ban Plastic Straws

At 9 years old, this young boy started a movement that has gone global.

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Uncover Your Spy Profile at Spyscape, New York’s Spy Museum

Head to this fresh Midtown spot for a real bond-ing experience!

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This Chatbot Will Teach You How to Be a Better Parent

Interactive AI means is WAY beyond “there’s an app for that” territory.

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Could a Blood Test Diagnose Autism Earlier in Kids? New Research Is Encouraging

More research is needed to reproduce their findings, but autism researchers’ early findings could be a medical game-changer.

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9 Absolutely, 100 Percent Non-Negotiable Rules for Dating My Daughter

She has and always will be my girl, my little girl, my baby girl, no matter how old she gets or how long you date her.

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What I’m Worried Most about My Kids Starting Kindergarten

Kindergarten will be a whole new world—and I am worried.

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I Can’t Stand When My Children Ask Me Why

I freakin’ hate when my kids ask me “why.” I get super annoyed when they are always asking me “why,” “why,” “why”—and then they respond to the same answer that I have given for the fifth time, with another “why.” …

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Baldoni Shares Powerful Message About His Daughter’s Brains and Beauty

Check out the super-sweet messages the Hollywood celeb recently posted about his daughter.

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