How to Balance Work & Life in 2021

“I can’t pretend that work-life balance is going to magically fall into place, but I know by taking these steps, I can maximize my family’s successes.”

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Dairy Farmers of America & Their Cows Are “Zoom-Bombing” Classrooms

They are giving a whole new meaning to show-and-tell.

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I’m Embracing the Joy of Missing Out (& You Should Too)

As some adjustments start to wear on me, I’m finding that others are giving me a new perspective. Life’s been put on hold for a while and I’m here for it.

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FlexJobs Survey Finds Working Parents Had to Quit or Reduce Their Hours Since the Pandemic

The survey highlights the critical need for flexible work accommodations.

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A Retirement Party for My Least Favorite Work Partner

I’m planning your retirement party next week, even though you’ve mostly just been a pain in the butt for that last year. You regularly made me late to meetings or required me to duck out early. You interrupted my work…

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All the Ways You’re Doing a Great Job, Mama

A must-read for every mom because you deserve to hear what a great job you are doing.

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A Letter to My “First Baby”

Everything was about to change. And you, my sweet pup, would no longer be an “only child.”

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A Letter to My Middle Child

“I want to—and I try my best—but your brother and sister need me, too.”

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California’s Governor Is the New BBC Dad

When it comes to toddlers and politics. they don’t always play nice.

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Mama Just Wants to Shower in Peace

One of the only slightly glamorous parts about being a stay-at-home mother of two kids under four is that sometimes, one will be napping and the other will be immersed in a cartoon while lying on my bed eating cheese…

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Every Viral Parenting Moment in Google’s 2017 “Year in Search” Video

In 2017, parents, families and parenting took front and center in Google searches.

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This Mom’s Response to Her Son Drawing on the Wall Is Basically the Best

Here’s the proof that sometimes laughing it off is the best parenting move.

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When My Son Said the Most Embarrassing Thing in Public, Here’s What I Learned to Do

Every mom faces challenges. But what do you do in the middle of the ultimate mommy shame moment?

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This Too Real Makeup Tutorial for Moms Is All of Us

No lady secrets are off limits in this no-holds-barred tutorial.

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Why You’ll Want to Follow This Incredible Road Tripping Family

This adventurous couple took off on a journey of a lifetime and they have the pics and videos to prove it.

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Have You Tried Single-Tasking?

Photo: Lauren Mancke
Being a new mom and a co-founder in the tech startup world, makes for a very busy schedule. On any given week, my Google Calendar tells a story of team meetings and family dinners, design work and…

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Viral BBC Dad & Family to Get Their Own YouTube Cartoon Show

The hilarious kids that interrupted their dad’s BBC interview have inspired a new show.

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15 Things That Your Kids Will Never Understand

We’re taking a trip down memory lane. How many of these things do you remember?

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‘BBC Dad’ Finally Talks About What REALLY Happened In That Viral Video

One of the best video-bombs ever? Possibly. If you haven’t seen the popular BBC Dad video, you must! About four days ago, the Internet laughed their pants off when they witnessed Professor Robert Kelly get interrupted in his serious (and…

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Moms Are More Tired, Stressed & Less Happy Than Dads, According to New Study

Photo: arileu via Flickr Creative Commons
Parenting requires a lot of hard work, whether you’re a mother or a father. However, a team of researchers from Cornell University, the University of Minnesota, and the Minnesota Population Center have found mothers…

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6 Things Moms Didn’t Appreciate in Their 20s

Photo: London Scott
Dear Twenties,
I’m so sorry. I mean, I am really sorry because, I honestly never really appreciated you. Not even a little bit. When I was in my twenties I had no comprehension of time or real…

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Hilarious Tweets That’ll Have You in Stitches

From the soccer carpool to the never-ending assortment of mismatched socks, sometimes there are days when you’ve only got a few seconds (or 140 characters) to get in a good giggle. Well, sit back and get ready to scroll because…

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10 Reasons Single Motherhood Rocks

10 Reasons Single Motherhood Rocks!

Pleasing kids is hard. Pleasing a spouse is sometimes harder. Having one less person to take care of kind of has its benefits.

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Want to watch that romantic drama…

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In This Style: Join the Mad Tea Party by Lewis Carroll

Since it’s Mad Hatter Day (10/6, get it?) you can take a quick trip to crazy-town and read the following chapter, excerpted from the pages of Lewis Carroll’s original classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Chapter 7: A Mad-Tea Party

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Healthy Little Helpers: Fun, Easy Ways to Keep Your Resolutions Going Strong

From premade dinners packed with super foods to an app that encourages kids eat better, six ideas to help you stick to your resolutions just a little bit longer.

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Welcome to Parenthood in a Picture

This is what a family portrait REALLY looks like.

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Just For Laughs: Funny Stories From the Modern Day Mom

For our kids, normal is swiping the screen of a tablet dozens of times per day, a mom who carries her laptop around 24/7 like it’s the neglected younger sibling, and never having heard the hum and beep of a…

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