Midnight Circus in the Parks 2019 3

Run Away & Join Midnight Circus in the Parks

Find out which Chicago parks are hosting a family-run open-air circus that your kids will flip for!

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Curious What the Most Popular Valentine’s Day Candy Is? The Answer May Surprise You

What exactly are Americans buying to satisfy that sweet tooth? Read on to find out the most popular Valentine’s Day candy by state and what candy trends to expect this year.

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Taylor Swift’s “folklore” Concert Film to Debut on Disney+

She reveals the stories and secrets behind every song.

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It’s All Gravy: 10 Thanksgiving Evites to Send This Year

Whether you’re throwing a Friendsgiving or a traditional feast with all the Grandma-approved fixins’, Evite has an invitation perfect for the occasion.

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Disney+ Releases a Special Look at the Film Version of “Hamilton”

Disney+ will premiere the film of the original Broadway production on Jul. 3.

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Sam’s Club Rolls Out Smaller-Sized Graduation Cakes for Less Than $10

These cakes are the perfect size for those at-home celebrations! 

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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” Movie Is Dropping Early & Heading Directly to Disney+

The release has been moved up a year and a half to Jul 3 and will stream on Disney+.

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Announces Concert Special After Cancelling Tour

The special will be made available the following day on demand, on Hulu and Disney+. 

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The Wiggles Are Bringing Their Concerts to Your Home

Enjoy a concert right from your own home,

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Here’s How Hilary Duff’s Wedding Dress Celebrated Her Kids

Hilary Duff just got married and her dress has a very special meaning sewn inside.

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This Video of Blue Ivy Totally Embarrassed by Her Parents Is Every Kid

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been embarrassed by your parents. *Blue Ivy raises hand emphatically*

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Here’s How to Snag an Invite to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding

Will you be one of the lucky guests at this fairytale Royal Wedding?

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How a Voicemail Can Become an Unexpected Family Keepsake

Imagine a world where you could always hear the voice of someone you love and safeguard that voice forever, even long after they’re gone. Well, you can stop imagining because that’s the world we’re living in.
More than photos or…

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John Legend Wants to Sing for You, and Here’s Why

Here’s how you can get your dream evening with the pop star.

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Do You Think of Your Kids Before Getting into a Fight?

Every married couple gets into a fight sometime or the other. In fact, all married couples have had at least an argument at some point of time. So, is it worth worrying about? Experts believe that fighting itself is not…

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Your Roomba Has Been Spying on You, but It Could Make Your House Smarter

Your vacuum could be picking up more than just Cheerios and crumbs.

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My Work with Parents Taught Me the Power of Our Role in Shaping Kids’ Voices

Many parents feel powerless when it comes to their kids because they can’t get their kids to listen and do the things they want. What they don’t realize is there’s so much unspoken power that they hold that they are forgetting to access. 

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Do This Now: Embrace the Power of Your Parenting

Photo: Dmyrto_Z
Many parents feel powerless when it comes to their kids because they cannot get their kids to listen and do the things they want. What they do not realize is that there is so much unspoken power that…

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Yes, I Married My Husband For His Cooking Skills

There he is in the back right corner, staring back at me. Frozen in time. A pale, unassuming piece of plastic Tupperware. You see him, yet? He still gives me goosebumps every time I catch a glimpse of him as …

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Wanna Feel Happier and More Connected to Your Partner? Don’t Skip the Cuddle

No, it’s not a nap. Though it could easily trigger one. According to a new study, what makes people happier than sex is actually, cuddling. In other words, it’s not the after-glow, so much as the after-cuddle that really matters.…

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Hey Mama: This is For When You Start to Wonder if the Thrill is Gone

Photo: Pixabay
It’s 3:00AM, our bedroom, any night, and I hear a noise. “Nick, did you hear that?” I ask my sleeping husband, hoping that the noise was just a remnant of the dream I was having about Brendan Fraser…

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Show Your Kids You Love Everybody

We all want our kids to be unbiased, fair, human beings who treat everyone equally, right?! Well there are some small steps we can take to ensure that we instill equalitarian attitudes and behaviors in our children. Although we live in…

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Get Twisted With Our Favorite NYC Balloon Artists

Don’t blow it! Hire one of these entertainers for your next big bash!

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It’s a … Sweet Surprise! 8 Clever Gender Reveal Cakes

Boy or girl? Let one of these clever cakes or cupcakes help in the big reveal.

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Love Shack, Baby: A New One-of-a-kind Spot for a Shower

Celebrate a soon-to-arrive bundle of joy in this glam, life-sized dollhouse!

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9 Destinations That Leave Us Starstruck

Chart a course for the farthest galaxy, and hold on tight! We’ve found nine of the BEST star-studded space centers.

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Join Other Expectant & New Parents at Seattle Babyfest


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Seattle Babyfest is an intimate treat for expectant & new parents seeking the best, most innovative, eco-friendly and luxurious baby products and services on the market.
This full-day expo runs on Saturday, November 7…

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The Best Days to Visit Your Favorite Museum in June

School may be closed, but we still did our homework and tracked down discount tickets, late-night hours and even special visits from food trucks and your favorite story book characters.

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