4 Tips for Raising an Introvert

Photo: Michal Parzuchowski
My 8-year-old-son, Jack, is an introvert. We can certainly debate the “nature vs nurture” argument here, but seeing as though my daughter is an extrovert and Jack has been an introvert since he was a baby, I’m…

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Worried about Your Quiet Child?

Photo: Charamelody
Did you ever worry about your child being quiet? Wondering if (s)he is social enough, has enough friends, is well liked etc.? If you did, you’re not alone. Many parents worry about their child not living up to…

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7 Ways to Help Your Introverted Child in an Extroverted World

A Shy Little Girl
“Hi, little girl. I am your grandfather’s neighbor. What’s your name? You know it’s not polite to ignore adults, right?”

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“Does she even talk?”
The old woman wearing a yellow floral…

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