The #1 Safety Tip All Parents Should Know

“As a parent, you already know how wonderful—and stressful—kids can be. Take the time to reduce some of that stress by learning how to help save them from their wonderfully curious selves.”

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Want to Trick-or-Treat Safely? This Invention Is the Key

There’s still time to whip up this DIY project!

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How I Accidentally Started a New Business in my 40s

“You never know, solving a problem might send you on the greatest adventure of your life.”

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Popsicle Virtual Recess

Let Your Kids Unleash Their Imagination Superpowers with Popsicle’s Virtual Recess

These activities are specifically crafted to inspire kids to use their imaginations.

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The Elf On the Shelf Is Trapped in Your TV & Here’s How to Watch Him

The Elf is trapped, and he doesn’t know how to get out!

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This 12-Year-Old Made an Amazing System to Help Kids Be Better Pet Owners

Don’t fear the “Can I have a pet?” question with this new system.

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The Very Best Kids Books of 2018, According to Parents Magazine

You’ll look forward to reading these books over and over with your kids.

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Your Kids Can Build Their Very Own Working Mars Rover

Feed your kids curiosity with this incredible STEAM kit for space fans.

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We Need These Coffee Delivery Drones Like Whoa because Mombies Are Real

Forget about walking to your neighborhood Starbucks. The future is here and it’s bringing coffee delivery drones with it!

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This Target Hack Makes Sure You Check Off Every Item on Your School Supply List

Target just may have saved the day for last-minute back-to-school supply shopping.

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funniest tweets of the week

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: July 13, 2018

We’re not going to lie, Twitter can be like parenting––some weeks are better than others.

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This New Beauty Product Is a Mom Must-Have

Say goodbye to hide-your-hair days with this latest product.

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Do You Let Your Kids Play With Your Makeup? Celebs Are Heated About It

There seems to be a new beauty trend that’s getting some parents all fired up.

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How Books Without Words Can Help Your Kid Learn to Read

By Regan McMahon, Common Sense Media

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Anyone who’s “read” a picture book can tell you that you don’t need words to tell a story. Prereading toddlers and preschoolers can follow a story told in pictures,…

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The NEW LEGO House Is Open & It Is Epic

This incredible new LEGO experience is unlike any other you’ve seen, and we’ve got the inside scoop!

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These Supermarkets Are Getting Smarter

These grocery stores have found ways to make shopping more fun and efficient.

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Willy Wonka’s Sideways Moving Elevator May Actually Happen

The World of Pure Imagination isn’t so far-fetched after all.

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New Product Lets You Set Different Temperature for Each Side of Your Bed

This new duvet could make sharing a bed a whole lot easier.

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These High School Girls Invented a Solar-Powered Homeless Shelter

These 12 high school girls are proving that anyone can help make the world a better place.

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This 18-Year-Old Designed a Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer

A young student invented a bra that can detect breast cancer.

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This Life-Size STEAM Kit Is Engineered for Fun

This cool new set of interlocking parts will take your little engineer’s building sessions to another level.

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Is Your Kid the “Next Great Inventor”? Here’s an Awesome Contest Just for Them

In honor of National Inventors Month, here’s a contest for future inventors everywhere.

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Ford Created A Smart Crib That Makes Your Baby Feel Like You’re On A Car Ride

A car company just invented the world’s most amazing baby crib.

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Destinations Every Maker Needs to Visit at Least Once

Know any tiny tinkerers? Check out our favorite spots that’ll blow their minds.

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My Son Might be a Mad Scientist

Photo: Bing Images
Remember Doc, the white haired, mad eyed inventor from Back to the Future? The scene where Marty goes to visit Doc in his workshop and walks through a cluttered kitchen where a complex Rube Goldberg machine is…

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Kids Snack Station Ideas

This post was written by one of our favorite moms, Seng Nickerson, and is shared from her blog here. 
“Mom, I’m hungry!!!”

That’s what I hear constantly over the summer. I don’t know what it is about the summertime heat,…

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Eureka! Why a Trip to the National Inventors Hall of Fame Is a Great Idea

Need a good dose of inspiration? Visit the National Inventors Hall of Fame with curious kiddos to discover some of the neatest inventions from the country’s most masterful minds.

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Hilarious (& a Little Ridiculous) Gadgets & Gear

From a piggyback-ride-helper to gaming sneakers, here are some of the most ridiculous kid inventions that caught our eyes.

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The Best Toys for Blowing Bubbles with Baby

Get ready for a season of bubble blowing with the best machines, push toys, super-sized wands and more – your baby is going to love this!

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Oh, the Places They Will Sleep!

Check out these hilarious photos of kids sleeping in strange places.

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Chill-Busting Tights to Toast Their Buns

Long johns meet tights meet footies in a new invention by a mom. Winter, here you come.

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Girls With Moxie Wear Broxies

Now she’s covered, cute and comfy – say goodbye to shorts, tights and leggings under the dresses. Not to mention morning meltdowns.

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