Find Your Village: 15 Facebook Groups for Boston Parents

Support, shared knowledge and camaraderie are just a few clicks away.

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To the Mom Going through a Diagnosis during a Global Pandemic

“While others are fighting for toilet paper off the shelves, and others are angry that their travel plans have come to halt, our worries become much bigger, and yet feel so little to the rest of the world.”

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The Universal Gesture of Parenthood

Photo: Catherine Myman Kaplan
There are times when parenthood can seem terribly isolating. Moments where you feel all alone, hoping for a sign or gesture from other parents that you are not by yourself in this, that someone else understands. …

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The Meaning of Gratitude to a Special Needs Parent

“Finding beauty and joy within the chaos isn’t easy but it’s possible.”

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12 LA Moms Facebook Groups Worth Joining

The best groups for local recommendations, venting, advice and more.

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What It’s like Being a Mom during COVID-19

“This morning, I hid in my closet just so I could have time to read and do something for me that doesn’t require bowing every direction for the needs of my children. It felt pretty awesome for the short 10 minutes before they found me.”

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Shawn Johnson and Jana Kramer

You Can Join Shawn Johnson and Jana Kramer for Brunch on Zoom

You can submit questions via Peanut’s Instagram page.

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Memories Together

This Video Will Inspire You to Make Some Memories

Don’t waste this unexpected time you have together.

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Ashley Graham Welcomes a Baby Boy!

The supermodel and her hubby are parents!

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The Very Real State of Stay-at-Home Mom Guilt

“As a stay at home mom, I am lonely, anxious, and well…bored. The daily anxiety of needing to do more, contribute more, and feel important fills my mind.”

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“Sesame Street” Helps Kids to Tackle Parental Addiction

Karli is helping kids with this tough topic.

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4 Tips to Help Welcome Peers with Disabilities

A few of my top tips to welcoming others who may be differently abled into your home.

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Parenting Is Super Hard & This Supportive App Wants to Help

This app wants to help you get through parenthood without losing your mind.

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Now Open: Recess Collective

Hooray! Recess Collective is open and ready to welcome Bay Area parents. Check out their new playspace!

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That Time a First-Grader’s Fart Became a Hilarious Teachable Moment in Accessibility

Don’t turn your nose up at this story, because there are important lessons for everyone here.

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Are Reading Robots the Future of Literacy for Kids?

A new study highlights the benefits of robots teaching kids how to read.

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3 Things Every Food Allergy Mom Needs You to Know

In the United States, as many as 15 million Americans are walking around with food allergies. If this isn’t an actual epidemic, I don’t know what is. Even with all of those people, it can feel pretty lonely and isolating…

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5 Ways to Support a Family Whose Child is on Hospice at the Holidays

A couple weeks ago, a colleague asked me a personal question. Her friend had heard the worst words that a parent ever will hear…that her son had only weeks to live after his cancer returned, and would need to be…

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6 Things Not to Say to Me as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Any stay-at-home parent can tell you that taking care of kids all day, every day (and night), is a never-ending, exhausting, thankless task.
It may seem mysterious to others (even our spouse) as to what we actually do, and everyone…

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The Important Lessons I Learned after Pregnancy Loss

It’s been two and a half months since our daughter died. I still can’t believe it.You may be in the trenches right now and for that I’m so, so sorry. You’ve got to feel what you feel and hurt like you hurt. Just know that you aren’t doing it alone.

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The Isolation That Comes With Motherhood

Photo: Pixabay
No one tells you that when you have kids, just how isolating it can be. No one ever tells you how much you will crave another human being in adult form. No one ever prepares you for the…

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Teaching Baby To Learn Two Languages

My husband and I are both children of immigrants: his parents are German, mine, Italian. We both grew up bilingual as a result.
Because it’s so hard to learn a new language as an adult, and it’s such a valuable…

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It Takes A Village: My Story Of Community

“I am at UW Children’s Hospital in the ER waiting for J to get a CT scan! Call me back as soon as you get this!”
On a Monday afternoon almost 5 years ago, this is what I woke to. I…

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This Soon-to-be-Mom’s Bittersweet IVF Pregnancy Announcement is Inspiring Many Couples


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For couples struggling with infertility, the road to pregnancy is emotionally and often physically painful, not to mention isolating. Macy, also known as @martinisandmedicine on Instagram, posted her beautiful IVF pregnancy announcement, and it…

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Hop On, Pops: D.C. Dad Groups Worth Checking Out

Learn what our favorite dude meet-ups have to offer, and how they can help you be the “best dad in the world”.

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Inside the Totally Awesome Green Lake Moms with Cat Burns

Green Lake Moms—your Totally Awesome pick for best mom group in Seattle—is dedicated to sharing resources, offering support, and making connections for local area moms. A network for parents and a generous community to boot, it’s no wonder that Green…

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