6 Great Tips to Help Your Child Navigate Clashes at School

Instead of rushing in to immediately fix the problem, there are ways you can help empower your child to navigate complicated relationships on their own.

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5 Things I Learned from Walking 5 Miles a Day

“It started simply enough—just two moms who wanted to move and get some fresh air in the process. But it soon became so much more.”

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IKEA’s Pride Tote Returns & Gives Back in a Special Way

A portion of the sales will go to an important LGBTQ+ initiative.

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woman breastfeeding

When Should You See a Breastfeeding Counselor?

“The facts are that getting breastfeeding support doesn’t mean you’ve failed or you’re not doing it right—it just means that you want to do it well or better.”

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What This Pandemic Has Taught Me about Relationships

“This pandemic seems to have brought out both the worst and the best in people. You learn who unconditionally has your back and whose love was perhaps only conditional.”

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When They Only Want Mommy: A How-To Guide to Reclaiming Your Space

If you want your partner to share the love AND have your kids running to both of you (rather than mommy! mommy! mommy! all of the time), try these three steps.

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Sesame Workshop Wants to Introduce Your Kiddo to the ABC’s of Racial Literacy

The new program explains race and issues surrounding racism in ways young child can understand.

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Kirsten Dunst & Jesse Plemons Are Expecting Their Second Child

The actress is getting ready to welcome baby #2 (and another boy!).

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Why Don’t Men Talk about Infertility?

“Men are very much part of the equation when it comes to a couple’s infertility…so why aren’t we treated as such?”

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“Parents” Survey Finds Kindness Is Most Important Value

Yet 76% of moms believe kids today are less kind than past generations.

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TIME Announces Kid of the Year & the Winner Is…

The winner is setting the bar high for making change.

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TIME For Kids

TIME for Kids Launches New Digital Subscription

Connect kids to the world from home.

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Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Is Expecting Her Second Child

Titan Jewell is going to be a big brother.

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Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie

Rose Leslie & Kit Harington Are Expecting Their First Child

The couple portrayed star-crossed lovers Jon Snow and Ygritte on Game of Thrones.

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adidas Teams Up with Pixar & LEGO for 2 New Collabs

Need some new running shoes? adidas has you covered!

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Parents on the First Day of (Home) School

We are all in this together…right?!

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Pandemic Parenting: Things Are Not Okay and It’s about to Get Worse

“Hey, male colleagues—do me a favor, don’t just outsource these tasks to your wife. Get involved, and also make sure you help advocate for your female colleagues.”

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What Happens When a Word’s Definition Is Outdated?

When Kennedy Mitchum grew tired of defending a broader definition of racism, she set out to change it with the very book that holds the key to all definitions—the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

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Disneyland Delays Reopening Schedule & Awaits State Guidelines

The parks will no longer open on Jul. 9 as planned.

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Ford Recalls Additional Vehicles Due to Faulty Door Latches

Ford will replace defective latches free of charge.

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“TIME for Kids” Launches New Interactive Video Series

The series provides free art instruction and inspires creativity.

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10 Magazines for Kids to Subscribe to Now

We’re happy to report that there’s a publication for nearly every age and stage.

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“TIME for Kids” Now Available in Homes for the First Time

The magazine is available for free download, with all previous 2020 editions, too!

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