100+ Amazing Facts Every Kid Should Know

From the world’s largest french fry to the first U.S woman in space, here are some fun facts for kids to share around the dinner table tonight.

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24 Space Facts for Kids That Are Totally Out of This World

What sport was played on the moon? How long is a day on Venus? We’ve got some surprising, awesome, and fun facts for you about space!

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Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French Welcome Their First Child

The “High School Musical” star is now a mom!

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Stargazing 101: Your Guide to Mastering Astronomy with Kids

Spend the night under the starry sky and learn about all the twinkling lights above.

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44 Fascinating Science Facts for Kids

How fast does a tornado go? What’s the tallest tree in the world? Find out!

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I Give Myself an A+ in Homeschooling!

“The simplest ideas can show beautiful results—here’s hoping my son will remember ‘Mama School’ forever.”

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Pick the Perfect Pumpkin at These Miami Pumpkin Patches

Grab the perfect gourd at these pumpkin patches near Miami!

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Target Announces 2017 Top Toy List

The toy-knowing pros at Target have just released their list of what’s good, great and totally essential this holiday season.

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Hands-Free Wallets for On-The-Go Parents

Phone? Check. ID? Yep. Cash? Not enough. Credit cards? Plenty. This OCD parent frisk is getting old, time to find a new solution. Keeping all your belongings together without your morning cup of joe, a screaming toddler on the run…

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Not Just a Hippie Hang Out: Family Adventures in Berkeley

Berkeley isn’t just a haven for college students and hippies—it’s got a ton of kid-friendly spots as well. Chill out with the kiddos at the Little Farm and the Steam Train in Tilden Park, in the kite-flying hills of the…

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Bay Area Stargazing Parties

Watch Them Get Starry-Eyed

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When we drive up into the hills to sightsee, it’s usually to look down and appreciate the view below us. There’s another direction to gaze,…

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