15 of the BEST Vitamin C Recipes to Beat the Common Cold

There are plenty of ways to upgrade your family’s daily dose of vitamin C, and we’ve got the recipe roundup to prove it.

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Superfoods That Should Be in Every Mom’s Diet

Here’s what every Super Mom (that’s you!) needs to be eating on the regular.

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5 Ways to Get the Kiddos Ready for Fall Fair Competition

I guess it was beginner’s luck when, circa 1984, I submitted my first fall fair entry: a still life of an orange in the kids’ photo category. It won first place.

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So maybe I was…

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7 Pieces Of Advice For Moms No One Has The Guts To Share

Half of the footage in today’s singing competitions is of tone-deaf wannabes whose friends never had the guts to tell them they couldn’t sing. Casual onlookers begin to wonder whether those contestants have any friends at all, or if they’re…

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One Pot Skillet Ravioli & Spinach Lasagna

A 20-minute lasagna (with three cups of spinach)? Consider us hooked on this one pot meal already.

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6 Local DMV Snacks to Put in Kids’ Lunch Boxes

Finding new lunch snacks to surprise your kiddos with is always a challenge, but these homemade snacks will totally make their days while also supporting local businesses.

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Chow Down: 6 Irresistible Seattle Food Fads

Sometimes you just need to indulge your taste buds. From gourmet popcorn to Belgian style fries, we’ve rounded up Seattle’s latest food fads that are totally drool-worthy.

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A Princely Pursuit: See a Polo Match

Well, if it’s good enough for Harry and Wills… we find this a very royal way to spend a day. Head up to the Will Rogers State Park one weekend in the summer to take in a Polo match or…

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Snack Well: 5 Smart Bites for When the Munchies Strike

Mealtime and kids aren’t always as seamless a union as we’d like. So Zevia developed the Smarter Snacking campaign to address this sometimes tricky stumbling block parents and kids trip over together. The best part about these Smarter Snacking options?…

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6 Restaurants Where You Can Enjoy Meatless Mondays

Seattle-based food writer Kim O’Donnel was into Meatless Mondays long before Mario Batali and others shoved this notion onto the mainstream consciousness. Hooray and pass the kale chips! (You’ll find a recipe for those crunchy green gems in her first…

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Crispy Kale Chips

We love discovering simple recipes for food products that are staples of our grocery shopping list. Take kale chips for example — a bag of these crunchy snacks always seem to make it into our shopping bag, but we never…

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