6 Things Every Parent Should Do Before Heading Out on a Family Road Trip

Take along these tips to properly prepare for your time in the car and make your family holiday road trip a happy and safe one.

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Practical Tips I’ve Used for Keeping Our Kids Safe around Dogs (and Vice Versa)

Teaching kids to respect animals makes it easier for pet parents, too.

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Natural Parenting; As Taught By a Cat

Photo: Pexels
So there’s natural parenting and then there’s Natural Parenting…. as in how they parent in nature.
A little while ago we became the proud grandparents to four kittens. Their birth was momentous, with mom-cat (Paws) having no clue what…

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Hotdogs and Hell – The Dinner Time Horror

Dinner time. The most god-awful couple hours of the day at our house. It is pure hell from the instant we walk in the door. The kids turn into little demons and I lose complete control of my household, my…

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