Get Your Putt On at These Bay Area Mini Golf Courses

Tee up some outdoor family time and have everyone from your toddler to teen practice their swing!

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Disney Dreamin' for Kids Music Day

The Grammy Museum Presents Matthew Morrison’s Disney Dreamin’ for Kids Music Day

Over a dozen celebrity artists are showing their support for music education as Kids Music Day Ambassadors.

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“TIME for Kids” Launches New Interactive Video Series

The series provides free art instruction and inspires creativity.

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6 Places Where Kids Can Dive Deep Into Ocean Learning

Take your little Moana or Maui to experience the wonder of what’s beneath the waves at these locales and exhibits that feature ocean-inspired learning.

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Namaste Your Way to a Hoppin’ Spring

News flash: Bunny yoga is a real thing (and it’s not just for Easter)!

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Atlanta: 3 Days of a Hometown Holiday

No reservations? No problem. Here are the best ways to spend 3 days on a hometown holiday in Hotlanta.

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A Sunday Fun Day at The Flying Circus

If you have a wannabe pilot on your hands, feed into their need for sky-high speed by taking a mini-road trip to see The Flying Circus Aerodrome and Air Show in Bealeton, Va., just 60 miles outside of D.C. Hello, Cloud Nine.

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The Big Buzz: An Xtreme BUGS Exhibit Opens in Berkeley

With giant animatronic displays and insect fossils, your kids will surely be buggin’ out at this new cool exhibit.

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Cool Chalkboards For Kids Like Never Before

Below are some fabulous ideas on how to get creative with your kids and chalkboards. Yes, chalkboards! While dry erase boards and computers may have taken away some if its former glory, chalkboards are fighting back with some uber cool…

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