Why I Don’t Want to Be Your Mom Friend

Photo: Pixabay
Hi Regina,
I’m writing in response to the 10 emails about ladies’ night at T.G.I. Friday’s. I’m sorry I didn’t respond the first nine times, but there was a swarm of angry bees and I couldn’t get a…

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Move It, Mama! Six Awesome Gym Alternatives for the New Year

Time to re-evaluate your exercise routine? Instead of getting back on the same old treadmill, try one of the following workouts, and torch calories at an impressive rate.

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Get Gussied Up for Seattle Mom Prom!

No Date Required

Seems like just yesterday when you were lining up on the sidewalk to get into the hottest dance club in town.  Now your days and nights are kid-focused and the most dancing you’ve done is some rockin’…

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