How I Soak in the Small Moments

“I have learned that parenting can feel how I imagined it to be, even if the circumstances of what it looks like are different.”

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Here’s the Secret to Picking Movies That Build Character in Your Kids

By Caroline Knorr, Common Sense Media

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Has your kid ever misbehaved like Alvin from the Chipmunks movies? Or mean-girled her friends like the Bratz dolls? Don’t feel bad. Kids pick up all kinds of things…

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Parents Are Loving the New Feminist Icon in ‘Cars 3’

A new female character in Pixar’s latest Cars series is burning up the track on social media.

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10 TV Shows I Watched As A Kid That I Wish I Could Watch Now

Photo: Mental Floss
Last week a wicked sinus infection put the smack down on me and rendered me useless to my family. Relegated to my bedroom, I thought, hey,  Me + DVR = Good Times, right? Not exactly. Here’s the…

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All Lit Up: Live Like a Story

Take these stories off the page using the world around you.

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I Stream,You Stream: Educational Online Shows Your Kids Will Love

Go ahead, admit it. Maybe it’s too cold to take the kids outside or a heap of veggies are waiting to be chopped for dinner. Whatever the reason, now and then most of us squeeze a little extra time into…

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