Flippin’ Delicious! We Found The Best Pancakes in NYC

From delectable neighborhood favorites to boffo stacks worthy of destination dining, you and the kids are gonna love these flapjacks!

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11 Simple Greek Recipes for Families

These healthy recipes are so easy, even the kids can help out in the kitchen.

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12 Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaners You Can DIY

From mirrors to toilets, these recipes can be used to keep you house feeling fresh, clean and germ-free.

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These Pop-Tarts Are Packing Some Sweet Summer Vibes

Your fave dessert is now in a Pop-Tart form!

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17 Cool Things You Can Do with Ice (It’s Not Just for Tea!)

The thermometer’s heating up, but we know exactly how to cool off.

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20 Celiac & Gluten Free Bloggers You Need to Know

From lasagna and focaccia to S’mores cookies and homemade pop tarts, scroll through these favorite dishes that are also free from gluten.

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Recall Alert: Target’s Cat & Jack Rashguard Recalled Due to Choking Hazard

You might need to dig out the summer clothes to check this one!

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7-Eleven Baked Goods

7-Eleven Launches New Bakery Line

The line will roll out in select stores nationwide.

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13 Candy Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Making candy at home is easy—especially if you have a kid helper by your side—and it makes for a sweet summer project.

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ALDI Adds Hummus to Your Breakfast Menu

These will be a welcome addition to any brunch spread.

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Crofton Shady Fruit Tumbler

Stay Hydrated with These Adorable Tumblers from ALDI

Each tumbler features a cute fruity face complete with shades.

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Moiselle Couture Collection

ALDI Is Selling a New Summer Line of Wines for Less Than $5

This collection will only be available for a limited time.

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14 Chore Charts That’ll Keep Kids Busy at Home

Keep your daily routine in order while everyone’s staying close to home.

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10 Outdoor Art Projects That Are Easy to Clean Up

These creative ideas are perfect for a warm afternoon.

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Fresh off the Line

Krispy Kreme Is Launching Fruity Doughnuts Just in Time for Spring

Krispy Kreme will release one new flavor each week.

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stacked blueberry pancakes

10 Easy Pancake Recipes to Brighten Your Morning

We know you can’t head to IHOP to dine on the world’s most amazing pancakes so try one of these perfect (and easy) recipes instead.

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Mindful Eating & 3 Ways to Cut Out Sugar

“I realized after all my hardships that I am an emotional eater and when under extreme amounts of stress, I seek comfort in food. Once I became aware that I was actually doing this I was able to change and develop tools to cope.”

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Margarita Sherbet

Walmart’s New Ice Cream Flavors Include Root Beer Float and Margarita

All four flavors are available for pickup and delivery via the Walmart Grocery app.

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12 Low-Tox Ways to Freshen Your House

From a laundry softener to silver polish, common pantry staples can help you keep things fresh.

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Minnidip, the First Designer Inflatable Pool Made for Adults, Hits the Shelves at Target

New designs are available including the first-of-its-kind tufted inflatable pool.

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KIT KAT Birthday Cake

Make a Wish! KIT KAT Just Announced the Release of Birthday Cake Flavored Bars

It doesn’t have to be your birthday to enjoy this sprinkled filled treat.

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Try These New Conversation Hearts with Your Teenager & Watch Them Cringe

Your “Bae” will get a kick out of these sweet treats.

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These Mystery-Flavored Fun Dip Pouches Are Perfect for Valentine’s Day

These kid-friendly treats are great for a classroom celebration.

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Have You Tried the New Girl Scout Cookies Yet?

You can get your first taste very soon.

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