These Are the Luckiest States in the Country, Study Finds

If you live in these states, you’ve got some serious luck.

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These Are the Best States to Raise a Family, According to WalletHub

The study also includes the worst states to raise a family, too.

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When It Comes to Autism, These Are My 7 Wishes

“And while there are so many, many things I wish I could change about the system itself, the main changes are ones I wish I could simply make in others. But not my boy.”

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Good News for Older Moms: Babies Later in Life May Help You Live Longer

Older mamas may have another reason to celebrate waiting a little longer to have their bundles of joy.

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Healthy Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships Boost Our Overall Health, Says Science

Photo: Pexels
Long gone are the days when even distant relations were of vital importance. Today, the nuclear family is the most important unit. As a result, scientists have devoted an immense amount of research on the social and psychological…

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