Instagram Just Announced New Features to Majorly Upgrade Privacy for Teens

Three new features will make it safer for teens on the massively popular platform.

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What Happens When You Don’t Think About Kids Like My Daughter

“There wasn’t a handicapped-accessible spot anywhere. When I called the provider to alert them the building had no access, she came down said, ‘I wasn’t thinking about your daughter.'”

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Is an Educational Pod a Practical Alternative to In-Person Learning?

“This endeavor is not impossible, but it will require tremendous focus and motivation by entire families who choose to participate.”

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Getting Together While Staying 6 Feet Apart

“The thing that I’ve definitely missed is time with the family members who aren’t navigating quarantine within our household but here are some clever solutions we’ve come up with to reduce our distance without compromising anyone’s health.”

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Dunkin' Refreshers

Brighten Your Day with a New Dunkin’ Refresher

Dunkin’ Refreshers, Strawberry Dragonfruit flavored and Peach Passion Fruit flavored, are launching today.

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5 Ways to Reduce Pet Anxiety as We Get Ready to Leave Home Again

“It’s important to know that new routines can be tricky for humans and animals alike, but rest assured that with patience and persistence, you and your pup can get through it together.”

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Big Changes Are Coming to Walt Disney World: Here’s What You Need to Know

Disney has made some drastic changes to keep park goers safe.

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Universal Studios’ CityWalk Opens in Orlando

Limited venues are open––but no Blue Man Group yet!

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Shopping Mall

Your Guide for When Stores Will Reopen

Each retailer will be following safety procedures pursuant to local guidelines. 

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shopping cart

Walmart & Nextdoor Launch New ‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors’ Program

This initiative makes it easier for neighbors across the country to help one another.

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Mattel Debuts 3 New Icons to the Barbie Inspiring Women Series

Barbie introduces three new dolls honoring women who made the world a better place for future generations.

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What Dory and Nemo Can Teach Us About Parenting

Photo: Walt Disney/Pixar/Bustle
If you are parent of young children, you probably went to see Finding Dory this summer. At first glance, it appeared to be just another fun movie about fish on an adventure. However, later as I thought more…

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Why a Good Night’s Sleep Is So Important for Teens

From increased anxiety to driving accidents, bad sleep habits and sleep deprivation can spell big trouble for your teenager.

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Can You Really Make Up For Lost Sleep? Science Has an Answer

Haven’t slept since baby was born? Try this.

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How Much Sleep Do Kids Really Need? Study Offers New Guidelines

When they’re newborns, they keep you up all night, but by the time their teens you can barely get them out of bed in the morning in time for school. What gives?

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Why We Need to Just Let Them BE This Winter

Here’s why your kids NEED minutes of unstructured time each day, especially in the winter.

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How Much Screen Time Should Kids Be Allowed? New Study Urges Stricter Limits

Screen time limits could have this significant impact on kids.

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Southwest Airlines: Please Leave Your Emotional Support Hamsters at Home

Southwest Airlines has made big changes to its emotional support animal policy.

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Before You Shut Off Your Kid’s Tablet or TV for the Day, Read This

A new study finds that parents who limit screen time don’t necessarily raise kids who do better in school.

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Amazon Echo

Parents Are Loving Amazon Alexa for This Clever Reason

Amazon Alexa can do a whole lot more and parents are taking advantage of it with their families.

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This Major Change to MLB Games Will Benefit Young Baseball Fans Everywhere

Parents, get ready to thank Major League Baseball for these big changes.

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4 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Technophile Kiddo

All those clever ones and zeroes add up to plenty of fun and learning. Here are 4 tech-y gift ideas from the Parents Choice Foundation.
See our full list with six more tech gifts for kids at the Parents’ Choice…

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These Parents Have Decided 4 Is the Magic Number for Holiday Gifts

For these families, less is more when it comes to gift-giving.

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How I Learned to Let Go of Parental Perfection

I wanted to be a perfect mom.

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And what perfect meant to me might be different than what it means to others.   I wasn’t looking for an immaculate home and gourmet dinners on the table,…

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Trader Joe’s Is Cracking Down on How Much Cauliflower Rice You Can Buy

If you frequently buy cauliflower rice at Trader Joe’s, you need to know about this latest crackdown.

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A Social Taboo: Why Everyone Needs to Flip the Script About Money

My grandpa once told me there are three things you don’t talk about with people: religion, politics, and money.  It is one of those topics that makes people feel uncomfortable.  Recently I am on my own abundance journey. It is…

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Don’t Make Parenting New Year’s Resolutions: Make Parenting Habits

Photo: Tyler Jacobson
Parents often make resolutions in the New Year in an attempt to better themselves and achieve long-standing goals – whether they’re for themselves, or to benefit their families and children. But sadly, only about eight percent of people who make New…

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The Newest Big Thing in Babywearing

A new carrier gives baby a 360-degree view of everything and everyone around. Get the eye-opening scoop here.

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Pint-Sized Headphones Just for Kids

Finding headphones that properly fit your toddler or small child can be a little tricky. First of all, those nice ear buds that come with Apple products, just fall out of their poor little ears, leading to tears and frustration.…

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