When You’re at Your Lowest & Nobody Knows

I remember sitting in that school auditorium, looking around at all the parents and thinking, “If you only knew what it took to get us here.”

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Mother to Mother: Moms Share Their Best Baby Advice

These are real-life parenting tips you need in your life.

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Splash into Summer with Minnidip’s New Lineup of Inflatable Pools

Warm weather is almost here and that means lots of fun in the sun. When it comes to Minnidip’s new lineup of inflatable pools, you don’t need an Olympic-sized pool to get your splash on!
Sold at Target and minnidip.com,…

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woman breastfeeding

When Should You See a Breastfeeding Counselor?

“The facts are that getting breastfeeding support doesn’t mean you’ve failed or you’re not doing it right—it just means that you want to do it well or better.”

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Petal Pushers: Where to See Spring Flowers in NYC

It’s bloom time! Here’s where to find floral displays right now!

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Learning the Difference between Expectations & Reality

“I’ve learned that some friends will disappear, that family will be your best support system, and that you will have good days, and you will have very difficult days—many more than you want.”

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Mr. Bubble Brings the Soapy Fun with 3 New Kid-Friendly Products

Celebrate Mr. Bubble’s 60th bday with fun, new bath-time products.

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Always Buy Cereal & Other Lessons I’ve Learned from a 13-Year-Old

“I’m learning that the best way to parent teenagers is to see them, hear them, and accept them for who they are right now…and feed them lots and lots of cereal.”

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Making Mom’s Self Care a Priority

As moms, we focus so much energy on our families, which means we often neglect our own mental, emotional, and physical health. There’s simply too much to do each day, so we often bump our needs off the to-do list.…

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I Want to Be the “Yes” Mom Again

“What I thought was going to be a few days off from school is now approaching the ten-month mark and I am very patiently waiting for the day I can start to say ‘yes’ again and again and again.”

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This Wacky Bar Takes Chocolate to the Next Level

Its the brand’s first new bar in a decade.

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Meet Eva, Red Tricycle’s Bump + Baby Editor

Eva Ingvarson Cerise, Bump + Baby Editor
Eva lives in northern Utah with her husband and daughter and misses her grown-up stepdaughter, who lives in another state. She began her career as a magazine writer, editor and copy editor for…

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The Art of The Mandalorian (Season One)

Discover a New Series of Books Inspired by “The Mandalorian”

The series kicks off this fall, with releases planned through the winter and spring.

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Camp by Walmart

Walmart Offers Two New Experiences for Summer Fun

The retailer is launching an online camp and drive-in movies.

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The Best Curly Hairstyles & Haircuts for Summer

Let your wavy hair run free this season.

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kid on tablet

7 of the Best Places to Find Free Movies For Kids Online Right Now

We looked for ethical sources, and sites that are easy to use and that offer a wide variety of films (not just a few). 

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A Parent’s Guide to Virtual Classroom Resources, by Subject

Find yourself at home trying to balance work and homeschool? We’ve culled our favorite resources for you to make your virtual classroom work, whether your kids are preK or preteen.

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Mother and child reading

American Girl Offers Free Online Library

These books can provide you with new ways to connect and have fun with your kids.

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Frankford Unicorn Bunny

Chocolate Bunnies Have Never Been More Magical

Add a little bit of whimsy to your Easter basket this year.

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Enrollment Is Now Open at Kiddie Academy

From the toddler years until the day they head to Kindergarten, your kiddos’ expanding minds need lots of support.
Kiddie Academy is the perfect place for budding learners to explore and thrive. Teachers will help kids learn to make friends,…

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Hostess Carrot Cake Donettes Are Back & the Perfect Spring Treat

The perfect carrot dessert for every bunny in your life.

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How to Prepare Your Child for Nursery School

As parents and caregivers, we want to strike a balance between communicating necessary information to children so that they know what to expect and giving them too much information—which may contribute to increased anxiety about a situation.

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How Can I Help My Anxious Kid Get Ready for Nursery School?

Photo: littlefolksbigquestions.com
As the start of the school year approaches, parents of young children who are entering nursery school for the first time are wondering what the best way to prepare their child for this transition is. As someone who…

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