How Our Family Discovered the Gift of Time

Photo: Jessica Rockowitz via Unsplash
I’m writing this as I watch the peach, purple and blue sunrise over the mountains and through a community of Aspen trees that envelope our little cabin in Fairplay, Colorado. Our faithful dog, Harry is…

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5 Adorable Animals You May Meet on a Trip to Annenberg PetSpace

Anyone who’s ever loved an animal knows just how special the bond between person and pet can be. The long walks in the park, the endless games of fetch and the sweet, curled-up cuddles after a long day make up…

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Give Back With Girl Scout Cookies: Here’s How to Donate to Everyday Heroes

The easiest way to give the gift of Girl Scout cookies!

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There’s a “Golden Girls” Planter & It’s Sophia Approved

Amazon has a Sophia planter, and it’s “golden.”

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YouTuber Mark Rober Shares Special Video about Son with Autism

If there’s one thing every parent on the planet wants, it’s to protect their child. YouTuber Mark Rober is no different.
The former NASA and Apple engineer recently took to his channel to share a special video, and it’s all…

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Failure to Thrive

“‘Failure to Thrive’ is a cruel diagnosis. It felt as much like a condemnation of my mothering as it was evident that something was wrong with my child.”

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5 Things I Wish I Had Known about Life with Autism

“I wish I could go back to myself on that day with my tear-filled eyes and fill myself in on a little of what I’ve learned so far.”

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You Are Forever Loved

“Your giggle is imprinted on my soul.”

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Christmas through My Autistic Son’s Eyes

“I can’t make my son enjoy Christmas the way I did and do, but I can join him in enjoying it in the way he does.”

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Get Your Fill of Baby Shark With All New Shorts Debuting on Nickelodeon

Doo doo doo doo doo doo, Nick’s Baby Shark shorts are coming.

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The Most Powerful Family Ritual? The Bedtime Story

“We don’t just read to our kids, we read with our kids.”

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20 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Poems Written by Kids

These funny poems and love notes by kids will tickle your funny bone.

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A Letter to My Son Whose Sister Has Special Needs

“Thank you for loving her and trying to reach her even when she seemed unreachable, for never giving up, and for understanding that her brain worked differently and that it wasn’t her fault.”

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A Letter to My Middle Child

“Sometimes it’s hard to be sandwiched in between two siblings who both require a significant amount of time and attention.”

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Autism: The Grinch That Stole His Holiday Excitement

” I love to be around others. To joke, to laugh, to engage. To see emotion exude from the faces of those you love. And my boy, my sweet, nonverbal, autistic little love, he much prefers his own company at this point. Too many faces equal too many feelings.”

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Dunkin' Merch

Dunkin’s Holiday Merch Store Is Back with New Personalized Picks

Dunkin’ fans will find everything from bedding to a mini fridge.

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OREO Ultimate Dunking Sets Are Back for the Holidays

Enjoy milk’s favorite cookie without the mess when you snag the OREO Ultimate Dunking Kit––returning to a store near you.

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3 Words Every Kid Needs to Hear & They’re Not “I Love You”

“At the end of the day, that’s all parenting needs to be.”

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Blockbuster Returns!

Blockbuster Returns Has Even More Movie Fun

It’s the party game sequel you’ve been waiting for.

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Introducing the Magic of Giving in 2020 & Beyond

“We may be limited in the things that we can do right now but we can challenge ourselves and our children to be limitless in our decision to give.”

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Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Diagon Alley and Beyond

Bring Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley to Life with This Deluxe Pop-up Book

This new book recreates beloved scenes from the Harry Potter films.

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Raising Tough Little Girls & Strong Women

“What I’m teaching my daughters about what it means to be strong and independent.”

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You Don’t Have to Be Mom of the Year—I Wasn’t & My Kids Turned Out Fine

Photo: roungroat via Raw Pixel
In my 24 years of raising three kids, I’ve had my fair share of parenting fails. Turns out motherhood is rocket science and my first week on the job is when I found out I’m no scientist.…

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These Conversation Heart Candles from Bath & Body Works Smell Like Valentine’s Day

This scented candle smells like your childhood Valentine’s Day.

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