Starbucks Unveils a Rad Rainbow of New Drinks—But There’s a Pretty Big Catch

You need to be a pretty loyal Starbucks drinker to chase after these special drinks.

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Where to Get the Absolute Best Cookies in America

If you mapped a road trip across the U.S., you’d have to stop at each and every one of these bakeries. Your tummy will thank you.

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The Newest Spot for Gluten-Free Treats

Cookie jars are awfully tempting. Now imagine walking into an entire cookie bar. That’s exactly what you’ll find on a pretty, tree-lined street in Ravenswood. The next time you need a dessert fix, head to The Cookie Bar, a tiny…

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4 Popcorn Spots That Redefine The Salty Snack

January 19 is National Popcorn Day. While some like to celebrate with popcorn related activities like popcorn air hockey, popcorn relay races, and popcorn haikus, we at Red Tricycle have a different suggestion: How about just eating it? (But do…

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A Traditional Brunch With a Fresh Twist

Feeling in a brunch rut? Us too. Although a stack of thick fluffy pancakes or a plate of greasy breakfast food certainly hits the spot on occasion, there are weekend mornings when you want to eat and then not feel…

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