Why Every ‘Now’ Moment Matters in Motherhood

In October 2005, my middle son was born. In 2018, he graduated from college.
Today, I’m trying to figure out how time works.

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Eons ago I had three kids in three and a half years. Life was…

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Does Having Children Make You Happier?

Photo: pexels
This may seem like a controversial question to some people. Of course, you love your children and cannot imagine your life without them. But consider for a moment, do you feel happier with children compared to when you were childless?…

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Mother Father Baby

Study Shows How You Treat Your Partner Will Affect Your Child’s Future

Parental relationships shape a child’s future marriage.

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People Who Work in These Industries Are More Likely to Have an Affair

The data shows that 13 fields have a higher percentage of self-confessed adulterers in their numbers than others. 

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What Is “Bird Nesting?” This New Trend Helps Kids Cope with Divorce

This could make co-parenting your kids after divorce a little easier.

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Want More Romance in Your Marriage? Hire a House Cleaner

“The housework began to fall by the wayside—and worse, it was increasingly becoming a source of marital stress.”

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Parents: Don’t Be the Gorilla (Even When Your Family Feels Like a Zoo)

“Boy, is it easy to get caught up in drama. Your kids, my kids…what’s fair and not fair?”

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Heck Yeah, I Bought a Minivan

Close your eyes. Picture, if you will, your high school or college self. Ask that tender version of your psyche—whose biggest worry is passing finals and what bikini looks cutest for spring break—what car she imagines for herself when she’s…

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This is What Working From Home With Kids Feels Like

Photo: Thought Credit
I am a mother, a wife and a writer. Listed in no particular order unless, of course, depending on the day, the month, the minute. I am equally passionate, driven, and exhausted by each of these roles.…

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Stop Complaining About Women Who Work in Direct Sales

Photo: Pixabay
When Oprah appeared as the face of Weight Watchers last year, a friend of mine said, “Why is she doing that, she doesn’t need the money.”
Well, “she believes in the product and is living the results,” I…

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How Listening to My Husband Ended My Marriage

Photo: deathtothestockphoto.com
I stood in the doorway to our family room after settling the kids in bed and said to my husband Billy,  “have a minute?”
I was anxious, although I hadn’t told him.  Friends of ours were divorcing after…

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Why My Husband and I Kiss in Front of Our Kids

Photo: Malakhi Helel
“Awww, gross!” That’s what my 12 and 9-year-old kids say when they see my husband and I kissing. It’s delightful to see their faces of disgust and embarrassment as my husband and I take it a step…

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Show Your Kids You Love Everybody

We all want our kids to be unbiased, fair, human beings who treat everyone equally, right?! Well there are some small steps we can take to ensure that we instill equalitarian attitudes and behaviors in our children. Although we live in…

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Cheers! Couples Who Drink Together Stay Together, Study Finds

Photo: Nate Beach-Westmoreland via Flickr
So is alcohol the secret to a long-lasting relationship? According to The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Series, yes! 2,767 couples who had been married for an average of 33 years were interviewed. It …

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The Importance of Hugging It Out

“Mommy what’s wrong?” “Stop it!” There it was. In our moment of heated discussion (I won’t use the word argument), a small squeaky piercing voice of reason halted both Matt and me mid-sentence. We were in the car, a small…

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Husbands Create 7 Extra Hours of Housework, Study Shows

Photo: Evil Erin via Flickr
As moms, we know how much of our lives are spent cleaning up child-related messes, stepping on LEGOs and doing laundry (does 90% of our waking hours sound right?). But a new study says kids…

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