Singer Michelle Branch Announces Pregnancy

This will be the third child for Branch.

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How to Avoid Divorce: Expert Tips that Could Save Your Marriage

Marriage is tough. But whatever you do, here are two things you should never do and one to prioritize.

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Oh Baby! Ashley Graham & Justin Ervin Are Expecting a New Addition

Her husband snapped the most gorgeous announcement shot!

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It’s a Boy! Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead Welcome First Child Together

Two of McGregor’s daughters make it official on Instagram.

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5 Ways to Talk about Pride Month with Kids

“There is so much we can do to teach our kids about Pride Month and how we can support the LGBTQ community. If you don’t know where to start, we have some tips.”

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5 Trivia Questions for Pride Month

Test your knowledge about current news events like Pride Month and more!

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Royal Baby on the Way! Princess Beatrice Is Pregnant with First Child

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter is due this fall!

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Let’s Be Honest, Kids Take a Toll on Marriage

” I now understand that having a kid to save a marriage would never work because it’s the absolute opposite—a kid is going to tear you up into shreds so small that you won’t want to pick those pieces back up to put it back together unless your marriage is worth saving.”

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My Best Piece of Parenting Advice May Surprise You

“As a couple, we’ve had to figure out new ways to keep the spark alive while knee-deep in diapers.”

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Why Some Marriages Fail: My Experience Revealed

“Though I cannot go back and correct the past, I will always make good the lessons learned by investing in the present and hoping for a better and prosperous future.”

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27 Great Conversation Starters for Honest Family Discussions

Here’s how to go beyond, “How was school?” when talking with your kids.

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This Is Halloween: 20+ Freaky-Fun Facts about the Spookiest Holiday

Ever wonder where many of our Halloween traditions came from? The answer is easy: Ireland.

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Kevin and Eniko Hart

Kevin & Eniko Hart Welcome Daughter

Eniko announced on Instagram that she had given birth on Tuesday.

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The Utterly Honest Reasons Why I Don’t Want Another Baby

Photo: Author
I love babies. Seriously, I’m what you might call a “baby person.” I love nothing more than the feel of a newborn on my chest, their tiny body cozy in footed pajamas. I always knew I would be…

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pregnant woman

Nicki Minaj Is Expecting First Child with Husband Kenneth Perry

She announced the news in a series of photos on Instagram.

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Co-Parenting Peacefully during a Pandemic? It’s Possible

“Children will frequently test boundaries and rules—a united front in co-parenting is crucial.”

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How to Co-parent & Co-exist with Your Ex

“It is possible to stay friends and co-parent with minimal pain points and conflict with your ex. Here’s how.”

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Josh Brolin & Wife Kathryn Expecting Second Child Together

Kathryn revealed the big news on Instagram today.

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Can We All Admit That We Aren’t Okay?

“To be completely honest, I am just trying to make it out of this mess of a world in one piece.”

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20 Kids Books with Positive LGBTQ+ Characters

Our friends at Common Sense Media put together this list of fantastic books to celebrate and educate for Pride Month and all year round.

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5 Ways to Save Your Marriage in Lockdown

“Being together for 25 years has given us a few tricks beyond ‘don’t go to bed angry’ that make our relationship work—even with a high-energy four-year-old in a lockdown situation.”

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baby feet

Elon Musk & Grimes Welcome a Son

The baby’s name is very unique.

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Being a Wife & a Mom Can Be Enough because WE Are Enough

Photo: Zahed Ahmad
Someone says, “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” I cringe. I get nervous. I pause to collect my thoughts but on the inside I’ve already asked myself 100 questions.
Who am I? What are my interests?…

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How I’m Celebrating the Selfless Dad

Photo: Pixabay
As adults, we may overlook this Dad even though we’ve seen him around. He sets the bar for servant parenting: provides without complaint and sacrifices his own desires to create a bountiful life for his family.
His mere…

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Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Announce Pregnancy After Two Losses

This baby will be the fifth child for the couple.

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The Problem with Compromising

“In marriage, just like in life, we can’t always get what we want. And just because we want something doesn’t mean it’s what we need. But when we need something, it is essential to make sure our needs are met.”

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hearts, love, sweet, gift, sweetheart

Valentine’s Day & Divorce

What happens when you are considering divorce (whether in your head or out loud) and February rolls around? For better and for worse, Jacqueline Newman has got the heart-filled holiday covered.

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Dear Husband, I Just Want to Be Alone

“This might be hard to hear but it needs to be said for my own sanity—dear husband, I want to be alone.”

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How to Make the Transition to Stepparent Easier on Kids

Communication and empathy are the keys to bridging understanding—especially when a stepparent enters the family picture.

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4 Steps to Emerge from “Mommy Rut”

“That’s when I woke up and realized that I was in the midst of “Mommy Rut,” even in my 30-something years.” Find out how to deal.

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