10 Organizations You Can Donate to for Mother’s Day (because She’s Got Plenty of Mugs)

What better way to celebrate the mother figure in your life than gifting something moms need at every stage—support.

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9 Organizations to Support Black Women, Children & Transpeople

These organizations support equality and social justice.

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6 Books About Motherhood that Aren’t All About Motherhood

This list is the output of reading more than 100 books over the past four years. I hope they make you feel seen, celebrated, and perfect just as you are, wherever you are on your path in parenthood. They are highly feminist and written by women I admire. Motherhood is messy and it’s beautiful and I’m so happy I get to share it with you.

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A Healthy Dad Makes a Healthy Baby, Says New Study

New research has found it’s not just wannabe moms who have to pay attention to their preconception health.

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How a Baby’s Birth Month Can Affect Personality, According to Science

The science behind how birth month affects your baby’s personality.

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New York City’s 18 Coolest Power Moms

What is a Power Mom?
She’s the mom who establishes a company, helps others, takes care of the family, takes care of the kids, stays true to her style, stays true to her goals–and all with grace and a positive…

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