Virtual Kindergarten Readiness Works, According to New Study

The Ohio State University innovated with a four week remote program for Pre-K kids.

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6 Ways to Set Your Daughter Up for Success & the Studies to Prove Them

Photo: Kiana Bosman
There’s no one right way to raise a child—but research and science shows that there are indeed steps you can take as a parent to encourage a positive outcome. Want to help your children to succeed?  Here…

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Disney Take Along Tablet

Make Learning Magical with Disney

These new resources keep students motivated and feature characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. 

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Peanuts Is Offering Free Educational Resources to Help with Distance Learning

The Peanuts gang is here to help keep your kids engaged and educated at home.

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How Do Music Classes Help Your Child Develop?

Why are music classes so important? They help teach fine motor skills, coordination as well as language, pattern, and rhythm.

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Boost Your Kid’s Brainpower With Highlights’ Summer Big Fun Workbooks

We’ve got the secret to keeping young scholars learning throughout the summer in a way that’s so engaging, they won’t even know they’re being schooled.

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Kids With This Interesting Trait Do Better in School, Study Finds

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat—it just made it smarter.

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Just Opened: Thomas & Friends at Liberty Science Center

The train most every tot loves has pulled into the station and brought a STEM-tastic exhibit with him!

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What a Child’s Journey Through Six Schools Taught Me About Empathy

“Mom,” says Sam. “This school is the sixth school that Steven has been to.”

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Knowing that this is Steven’s second year at Sam’s school and that the boys are currently in grade six, I quickly…

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5 Fun Summer Kids’ Games (That Are Actually Math!)

Photo: Common Sense Media
By Christine Elgersma, Common Sense Media
Daily math practice doesn’t have to be — and, in fact, shouldn’t be — drill-and-kill. Summer is a great opportunity to make learning more fun with apps that add a…

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You’ve Got To See Our Favorite April Fool’s Day Pranks

Here at Red Tricycle we like to joke around and have a little fun — and we love people who do the same. In light of April Fool’s day, check out our favorite pranks from around the web, from other…

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Why Knitting Sets the Stage for a Career in STEM

photo: Steve and Kate’s Camp
Knitting requires steady hands, a lot of yarn, and, as it turns out, math skills. A new movement is trying to get girls excited about math and science by teaching them how to knit and…

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12 Awesome Books You Probably Haven’t Read Yet

Give “Goodnight Moon” a break and turn to these 12 exciting new reads for your next story time.

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The Teacher Supply Store Any Parent Can Shop

Psst … want to know a Chicago teacher’s best-kept secret? Find out where to find tons of educational items for your kids, from craft supplies to workbooks.

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Julianne Moore Gets App-y (and We Love It)

We recently sat down with Julianne Moore to ask her how an Oscar nominee ends up writing children’s books, learn more about her latest app, and find out what her secret is to keeping her kids so grounded.

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Win a Wooden Grocery Store/Lemonade Stand from Mississippi Treehouse

What better way to beat the winter day blah’s than by staying inside and playing store! Entertain your toddlers for hours and teach the bigger kids some math skills through selling groceries or lemonade from this awesome “store front”.

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July Product Review #1: Sokikom Fun Math Games

If Math is not your kiddos’ strength and you need to practice adding, subtracting and counting this summer, we have something great to offer! Sokikom’s Fun Math Games is a fun-tastic learning tool for kids in grades 1-6. Sokikom’s online…

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