80 Award-Winning Kids’ Books You Need for the Bookshelf

Supplement your summer reading list with a few prizewinners that hit every age and stage.

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The Best Christmas Music to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

We’ve got the perfect playlist for all your holiday festivities.

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Your Guide to the 2020 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Yes, the balloons will fly! Here’s what’s happening—and what’s not—at the NYC event this year.

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I’m a Different Parent Now & That’s OK

Photo: Natalie Silverstein (personal photo)
My oldest child is graduating from high school this month.  At age 18, she is considered an adult and mostly exhibits a maturity that will serve her well in college next Fall.  I hope we’ve…

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10 Books On Bullying (& Bullying Prevention) Every Family Should Own

From picture books to middle-grade memoirs to books just for parents—can help teach your kids how to prevent, handle and recover from bullying.

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Mean Girls Toaster Strudel

“Mean Girls” Toaster Strudel Is So Fetch!

Gretchen Wieners would be so proud.

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girl singing

“Broadway From Home” to Offer More Classes This Fall

The digital theater program gives kids and teens the opportunity to learn from Broadway actors.

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27 Kids Books That Feature Diverse Characters

It’s important to make sure your reading list offers a wide array of diverse characters; it’s an easy way to show budding readers that while human beings come in all shapes, sizes and colors, we all have the same emotions and feelings.

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Now It Is Even Easier for Fans to Meet Broadway’s Biggest Stars

Connect with the stars of your favorite Broadway shows.

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We Must Help Our Girls Take Off Their Masks

Photo: Jamie Brown/Unsplash
Superheroes have made a real comeback these last few years and I am especially pleased to see the burgeoning popularity of girl power and empowerment with heroines such as Bat Girl, Super Girl and Super woman. Girls need strong…

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How I’m Raising My Daughter to Be Anything but a Mean Girl

When I was in middle school, the popularity board of directors chose me as their new target. They created an online poll and sent it around to everyone in our school. The poll was titled, “Who’s Uglier: Lilly Holland or…

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105 Best Books to Read Before They Turn 12

From classics to new releases, we’ve rounded up every book your kid should read before she grows up.

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“The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” Is Traveling to Broadway

The sisters for life are putting on their magical pants for a new musical adaptation.

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Here Are the 15 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix Right Now

These movies have a little something for everyone this holiday season.

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“Mean Girls” the Musical Arrives This Fall!!

If you’re a fan of the film, get ready for the theatrical version set to debut this October.

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Hey Empowered Women, Being A “Mamapreneur” Means You Can Say Yes to Your Dreams!

Empowered women empower women.  I recently heard that quote, and it couldn’t have inspired me more.  Everywhere you look women are waking up to their purposes and making conscious decisions to live with passion.

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I Learned to Be the Example of the Kind, Accepting Woman I Want My Girls to Become

Dear Mama Friends,

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Parenting is hard. No one gave any of us a handbook (and if they did I totally missed that part of the class). Today’ society also brings about challenges that have become…

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3 Fantastic Mom-Types You’d Love as Best Friends

My sister who nicknamed me Lou shares a love for the movie Mean Girls with me. No matter how many times we watch it, it never gets old. For those who haven’t seen it, theres a group of mean girls…

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14 Things I Want My Daughters to Know

Photo: Melissa Arroyo
I know it seems like middle school is a long way off for my girls. They’re 8 and 9 right now, and my oldest is just finishing up 3rd grade. But she’s always been early with everything,…

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How To Talk To Your Children About Sex (Without Embarrassing Yourself)

Photo: Katatonic28 via Flickr
My college son was home last week for spring break. Imagine my shock when I overheard this exchange between him and his little brother.
“Dude, don’t be an idiot. You have to use protection,” says wise…

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5 Friends We All Need In Our Lives

From the Flinstones to Friends,  from The Big Bang Theory to Suits, from Yo Gabba Gabba to Paw Patrol, every great story comes down to friendship. Our own stories are very much the same – what would it look like…

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53 Books You HAVE to Read Before You’re 12

Read all about it! Here are the books you need to stock your kid’s library until he or she is 12 (and maybe even beyond!).

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A Letter to My Husband, the Father of My Child

Hear one mom’s perspective in this essay published on Red Tricycle’s Spoke Contributor Network.

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Why Being A Party Girl Will Make Me A Great Mom

The Little Things Collaboration By Niki Jones & edited by Dani Lee
Vodka on the rocks with three limes was my signature drink by the time I was 18. Some would call that drinking like a boss. Now at 32, I look…

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Raising Kind Humans

Photo: Jenn Richardson
One of the most important things to me as a mother—aside from raising strong, opinionated girls who stand up for what they believe in—is planting the seeds necessary for my kids to grow into loving, caring, giving, kind adults.…

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