15 Easy Ideas to Stall the Summer Slide

Math in the summer? Yes, it can be fun!

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Teething Pain? We Love This Plant-Powered (& Travel-Friendly) Solution

Finally, we can start traveling again! If you have a baby, you know how much gear you need to make your trip as smooth as possible—if you have a teething baby, you have an extra challenge. Well—challenge accepted because we…

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Our Editors Share Their Top Tips for Baby’s First Year

The first twelve months after bringing home baby are a roller-coaster of milestones, mood swings and memories. Every parent who has been there and done that has a lot of could-haves, should-haves, and would-haves from baby’s first year—whether it’s sleep…

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Kodak puzzle

Need a Weekend Activity? This 50,000-Piece Puzzle Will Do the Trick

The puzzle depicts 27 different destinations from around the globe.

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Unpacking Dyslexia & How to Best Support Your Learner During COVID

“It was not until several years later after various assessments and many thousands of dollars that we confirmed my daughter was exhibiting signs of a language-based learning disorder dyslexia.”

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These Are the Luckiest States in the Country, Study Finds

If you live in these states, you’ve got some serious luck.

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Babies Who Do This Grow Up to Be More Cooperative & Compassionate, Study Finds

This baby behavior could tell you if you’re in for an easier road with your toddler.

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These Easter Hot Chocolate Melts Are Pure Magic

For fans of The Mandalorian, Frozen, Paw Patrol Trolls or LOL Surprise!, these adorable hot chocolate melts will be a hit.

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8 Cooking Skills Your Child Should Learn by the Age of 10

“When you teach your children the skills they need so they don’t injure themselves in the kitchen, and you will be nurturing their love of cooking and food alike.”

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41 Life-Changing Baking Hacks to Save Your Holidays

Wondering why your friends’ cookies always turn out so perfect? They probably know one or all of these baking hacks.

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Danish White and Natural Tall Bookcases

Crate and Barrel Recalls Kids Danish Tall Bookcases Due to Risk of Collapse

They have received five reports of the bookcase’s leg breaking.

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These Batteries Taste Terrible––Here’s Why

The bitter coating serves a big purpose.

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High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special

“High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special” Is Coming to Disney+

The accompanying holiday soundtrack will be available on Fri., Nov. 20.

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The More You Talk to Your Babies, the Smarter They’ll Be as Teens, New Study Finds

Having conversations with your baby before they can talk can have a life-long impact.

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Tips to Get Your Kid’s Brain Back into School Mode (Painlessly)

“Here’s a menu of ideas we draw from to exercise our minds and bodies in a way that seems less like school assignments and more like a celebration of joyful summer days.”

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This Might Be the Easiest Way to Shop for Kids Shoes, Ever

Get the best shoes for your kid’s feet, in the right size, completely hassle free with Jenzy. You don’t even need a tape measure.

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Motivate Your Kid to Do Their Chores With These 3 Simple Steps

“Having the ability and inner strength to follow through with the boring but necessary task in any job is a gift that will forever be with your kids and set them up for success in whatever career path they choose.”

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girl tablet

Study Shows Screen Time Before Bed Translates to Less Sleep for Some Children

Frequent media use before bed can lead to later bedtimes and less sleep. 

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Akili ADHD

FDA Approves First Prescription Video Game for Kids with ADHD

EndeavorRx is indicated to improve attention function.

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Jif Squeeze Creamy Peanut Butter.

Jif Launches New Squeezable Peanut Butter

The same great Jif peanut butter people love, now in an easy-to-squeeze pouch.

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Cubcoats Launched a Line of Kid-Friendly Masks & They’re Adorable

The masks come in playful designs resembling the characters your kids have come to know and love.

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Make Mine a Double (Helix): DNA Fun with Kids

Today is National DNA Day. Embrace your unique genetic code and teach the kiddos what life is really all about using our fun tips and tricks.

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It’s a Bard Knock Life: DIY Shakespearean Collar

Set the stage for some imaginative play with this DIY Elizabethan collar, just like Shakespeare used to sport.

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We Must Help Girls Build Their Self-Esteem Now More Than Ever

Photo: Yousef Espanioly via Unsplash
Sometimes my father sends me newspaper articles that align with my work as the coach of preteen girls. One morning his message seemed more urgent than usual. It began, “I listened to a radio show…

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Setting Goals and Establishing Healthy Habits of Learning

“Goal setting is an important skill for kids to have. If they are actually motivated by a goal, they’ll get real-world practice at monitoring, controlling, and changing their own behaviors.”

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Mom Hacks We Love: Baby Products You Can Use Yourself

We want only the best products for our baby, and these 7 (that you probably already have!) are great for mamas too!

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Check Out These Free Educational Resources from Plus-Plus & World of Eric Carle

These resources will help parents teach their kids while encouraging imaginative play and exploration.

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Children’s Tool Kits Recalled by Grizzly Industrial

Consumers should immediately stop using these recalled Children’s Tool Kits and keep them away from children. 

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Shoe display

New Study Finds That Your Kids May Be Wearing the Wrong Size Shoes

Shoes that are too small can cause foot deformities.

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Her Body Can

This New Children’s Book Promotes Body Positivity and Self-Love

You children will connect with the book’s positive message.

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Dinosaur Sculpture

Dad Accidentally Orders Massive 20 ft. Statue for Dino-Loving Son

What do you do when your kids love dinosaurs? You order them one, of course!

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