Hugs Are Back! Here’s How We’re Celebrating

The last few months have been filled with long-awaited hugs, in-person hangouts and, for some, meeting in real life for the first time! Once you get to meet a tiny new addition in person, you want to hold and cuddle…

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How to Help Your Child Manage Their Anxiety When You Have Anxiety Too

“You aren’t expected to manage your stress right every time. The cool thing about having a kid is that they force us to grow into the type of people we want to be because we, whether we choose to or not, lead by example.”

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Love at First Sight—Share Your Memories with Us

The last year has been full of changes for everyone—especially for those of us who welcomed a new family member! Now that we’re getting more social and less distant, it’s time for baby to get off of FaceTime and meet…

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10 Signs You Are a Working Mom Virtually Schooling Kids during a Global Pandemic

We are all in the same boat, or at the very least, can relate to numbers 7 & 10.

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PAW Patrol Movie

“PAW Patrol” Fans Rejoice: The Official Movie Sneak Peek Is Here

Everyone’s favorite crime-fighting pups hit the big screen this August .

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8 Tips for Helping Your Blended Family Thrive

“Whether your blended family is newer or you’re simply looking for techniques to help your already existing family thrive, there are so many ways to improve your family’s function.”

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mom and baby

5 Things Every Special Needs Parent Should Hear

“Here are some gems of advice that I have received from others who have walked this path alongside me, before me, and some of my own.”

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4 Ways Parents Can Hit the Reset Button in the New Year

Photo: STIL via Unsplash
Are you one of those people who makes a New Year’s resolution, stays at it for a couple weeks and fall off the bandwagon? Every day of the year could be a day to start a…

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The Hard Truth about Working at Home with a Baby

“Think working from home with a baby sounds like a dream? Well, wait until you read this.”

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4 Tips for a Better IEP Meeting

“​​​​​​​Ultimately, we need to remember everyone at that table wants your child to succeed. Using the tips outlined above is a great place to start building your confidence at the IEP table.”

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Disney Poised to Close 60 Stores in 2021

Disney will expand its e-tail shopping experiences.

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New Llama Llama Book to Debut in May

Llama’s is getting a new babysitter.

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Sesame Street Town Hall

CNN & “Sesame Street” Announce a New Town Hall for Families

The fifth installment of The ABCs of COVID-19 will address a very different holiday season.

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Patti Murin

Book a Virtual Birthday Party with Anna from Broadway’s “Frozen”

You can also schedule a virtual meeting or voice lesson.

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Watch the Original Cast of “Hamilton,” Jimmy Fallon & The Roots’ Performance of “Helpless”

This socially distant version was complete with instruments found at home. 

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When Your Business Partner Is Your Life Partner

“If you’re managing to stay afloat at work and home right now, you’ve got to high five yourself—and your partner. Remember, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t in this together.”

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baby pygmy hippo

San Diego Zoo Announces Birth of Endangered Pygmy Hippo

This is the first successful birth of an endangered pygmy hippopotamus at the zoo in more than 30 years.

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Rainn Wilson Is Hosting a Zoom Meeting––For Your Pets

It’s sure to be a paw-ty you won’t want to miss.

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Junior Fire Marshal Training Academy

Become a Junior Fire Marshal with This Online Training Academy

Each lesson comes with an interactive Q&A activity.

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Setting Goals and Establishing Healthy Habits of Learning

“Goal setting is an important skill for kids to have. If they are actually motivated by a goal, they’ll get real-world practice at monitoring, controlling, and changing their own behaviors.”

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4 Ways for Your Child to Stay Connected While at Home

“Here are four suggestions for how to minimize feelings of isolation and ensure that your child continues to build and broaden their social skills.”

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Platform 9 3/4

Give Your Room a Virtual Makeover with These Fun Zoom Backgrounds

Check out some of the best backgrounds we have rounded up so far.

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Parenting in the Days of Social Distancing and COVID-19

7 Tips to help make parenting at home during this crisis a little easier for everyone.

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Stressed mom FB

Woman Explains Why Parents Are so Stressed & We Totally Agree

The work-life balance of parents is off kilter and this viral Facebook post explains why.

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Mom Guilt. From One Full-Time Working Mom to Another

“Because I understand that sometimes you show up to work looking like you were attacked by a flock of geese because the kids couldn’t find their shoes, you gave someone the wrong color bowl and then forgot to take Sleepy Bear to the babysitter.”

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Boys Can Be Princesses Too & These Adorable Photos Are Proof

If girls can dress up like Iron Man, why can’t a boy be a princess?

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Share a Glimpse Into Their Past Year & a New Pic of Archie

Archie is the adorable star of the royal couple’s new video.

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Why Does Kristen Bell Want to Rescue Disneyland’s “Frozen” Princesses?

This is what happened when Kristen Bell met the IRL park version of her “Frozen” character.

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Here’s How LEGOLAND New York Can Make You into a Minifigure

LEGOLAND wants to show you what you’d look like as a minifigure!

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A Series Starring Khloé Kardashian and Daughter True Is in the Works

This mommy daughter duo might be starring in their own show soon.

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How to Stay Sane While Traveling for Business

Hate to leave the kids to travel for work? These clever tips will help set you and your family up for success while mom takes on the world.

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The Tummy Time Cheat Sheet Every New Parent Needs to See

Tummy time is more than just putting baby on her belly—and it’s important, too.

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