The Last Thing I Thought I Would Do in Lockdown but Here We Are

“Waking up every day and being disappointed about the inability to make future plans is no fun. So rather than be low-level sad about it, I’m going to do this instead.”

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This Is What It Feels Like When Your Holidays Are Touched by Grief

Two years and 337 days ago on a harsh December night, my children’s father died. At just 44 years old, his heart stopped beating and he slipped from life into death as the world slept. I was left to deliver…

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Will Ferrell Wants You to Stop Texting During Dinner

The super-funny actor is taking on devices at the dinner table with this new PSA.

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Why Today is My Lucky Day

Today is my lucky day. That is the mantra I’ve adopted and routinely share with my family. It doesn’t mean that today stands out above all others, nor is it implying a spontaneous eruption of good fortune is coming my…

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To My Son on Turning Three

Dear Son,
Just a few days ago, we celebrated your third birthday. You are no longer a baby and will be leaving toddlerdom behind soon. You became a big brother a few months ago, will be attending preschool in the fall,…

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6 October Kids’ Concerts Not To Be Missed

The kindie music scene rages back this fall with tons of great gigs. Here are our top picks for Rocktober!

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