Study Shows Number of Times a Person Gives Birth May Affect Aging

These effects were found only after a person had gone through menopause.

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How to Destigmatize Menstruation, One Period at a Time

“Openly talking about puberty, or exploring the now growing number of period protection alternatives, we can break down the taboos associated with menstruation. It’s just your body working normally, and there is nothing negative about that!”

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How a Facial Spot Helped Me Empathize with My 12-year-old Daughter’s Insecurities

You watch your daughter, coming to terms with being 12.  She’s not a little girl, nor a teenager (quite) She’s just… boring old 12. Annoying old 12. Pimple spots introducing themselves from around every corner, limbs resembling a baby giraffe.…

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Good News for Older Moms: Babies Later in Life May Help You Live Longer

Older mamas may have another reason to celebrate waiting a little longer to have their bundles of joy.

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You Can Learn A Lot From a Grandma and a Killer Whale

Grandmas and killer whales are like guinea pigs and gerbils. You can say one and mean the other, and it really doesn’t matter. Because at the end of the day, both guinea pigs and gerbils are rodents who eat hay. You…

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Successful Toddler Party, ish.

Hosting a toddlers birthday party should be a breeze right?
Cake, toys, music, beige party food and bubbles – done *drops mic, walks back to the land where awesome parents exist*

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Now factor in one…

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The Change: Every Woman’s Journey of Becoming Their Mom

It will happen to all of us. We will all become our mothers. Here are some of the signs that you’ve already begun the journey.

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