What This Nutrition Expert Is Doing to Prepare for TTC

“Like so many women, I had a conflicting relationship with food, especially around how much I should be eating. But here’s how I changed that, especially as I prepared my body for pregnancy.”

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Thinx postpartum set

Thinx Offers Solutions to New Parents with Launch of Postpartum Set

The set will offer five pairs of underwear designed to absorb postpartum flow.

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Can Seed Cycling Help Imbalanced Hormones?

“Seed cycling involves eating certain types of seeds during certain phases of your menstrual cycle to promote a hormone balance. Once I started seed cycling, I’ve noticed fewer headaches, shorter and lighter periods, longer luteal phases, and overall increased mood and energy levels.”

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Is Seed Cycling the Answer to Restoring Hormonal Balance?

Seed cycling is gaining in popularity as a natural solution to restoring estrogen and progesterone levels to normal levels. When these key hormones are imbalanced, it can lead to menstrual irregularities, including breast tenderness, painful periods, acne, and PCOS symptoms.

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Apple Just Unveiled New Privacy Features for Kids

Parents will be excited about Apple’s latest features.

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Are You TTC? Here’s the Skinny on Progesterone—& Why It’s So Important

That pregnancy glow? That’s mighty progesterone at work—and it does so much more, too.

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This New Fitbit Feature Is Just for Women & It’s Super Helpful

The popular health tracker gets a much-needed update just for women.

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This Stylish Wearable Actually Tracks Your Fertility

Trying to conceive? You may want to try this latest device dubbed the “Fitbit for Fertility.”

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2017 Fashion Trends – Year Of The Mom

Photo: popsugar
The other night I got sucked into the vortex of mindless internet browsing when I came across fashion trend predictions for 2017. Guys, I am giddy with excitement over what is in store for fashion. I am pretty…

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