How to Talk to Boys about Periods & Why It Matters

The goal is to start small and build on that foundational knowledge in a developmentally appropriate way as your child grows—rather than trying to pile on information all at once.

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28 Totally Doable Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

Start small with these easy-to-execute ideas for families wanting to live a waste-free life.

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How to Destigmatize Menstruation, One Period at a Time

“Openly talking about puberty, or exploring the now growing number of period protection alternatives, we can break down the taboos associated with menstruation. It’s just your body working normally, and there is nothing negative about that!”

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These Girl Scout Troops Are Changing the World with Their Cookie Sales

Those tasty cookies are more than a treat—they’re supporting communities, too.

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The Birds and Bees: The Talk I Wasn’t Prepared For

I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was a beautiful day and the kids and I were headed to a park by the lake. We were on a really curvy road when the birds and bees question first…

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