Study Shows Number of Times a Person Gives Birth May Affect Aging

These effects were found only after a person had gone through menopause.

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Study Proves What We Already Knew: Being Pregnant Is Like Running a Marathon (& Winning )

Being pregnant is basically like doing Iron Man… for nine months.

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15-Minute Workouts That Actually Work

Busy parents rejoice! These fitness ideas pack most of the punch of a standard workout—in half the time!

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Science Confirms Feeling “Hangry” Is 100 Percent Legit

Hungry? Science says stop what you’re doing and get a snack before it’s too late.

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Are Food Additives Bad for Kids’ Health? Pediatricians Issue Warning to Parents

Pediatricians group issues new recommendations about common additives in kids’ food.

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The Shocking Results When You Stop Exercising for a Week

You already know that physical activity can significantly change your body. But here’s another reason you should give yourself and your Fitbit a daily workout.

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How to Organize a Big Family

Photo: pixabay
“How do you do it all?”
People ask me this question often about how I balance the needs of a bigger family (5 kids, 2 adults) in today’s modern world. We aren’t a huge family but bigger than…

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Research Suggests The More Children A Mom Has, The Slower She Ages

Photo: Theresa Martell via Flickr
You might FEEL like you’re running yourself into an early grave, but new research from Simon Fraser University in BC suggests that moms that have multiple children have healthier DNA. The study conducted surveyed 75…

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