wonder woman mug

Today I’m Taking on the World like Wonder Woman

“I may not have the gold bracelets and lasso like when I was younger and watched my idol fight on TV while wearing the same outfit, but friends, I have my Wonder Woman mug to fill me up with the strength to take on today.”

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21,000 Kids Were Asked to Draw What a Scientist Looks Like—& It Revealed a Lot

Kids have a range of thoughts about what scientists look like to them.

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Rubik’s Cubes Are Getting a Huge Upgrade from the 80s Classic You Remember

Your favorite fun and frustrating toy from the 80s is getting a new and improved look.

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Celebrity Children’s Books We Love

Check out these awesomely adorable children’s reads that are all authored by the glitterati.

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Wondering When Parenting Gets Easier? Here’s Your Answer

If you thought parenting was going to get easier after the toddler years, you need to read this!

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Why Knitting Sets the Stage for a Career in STEM

photo: Steve and Kate’s Camp
Knitting requires steady hands, a lot of yarn, and, as it turns out, math skills. A new movement is trying to get girls excited about math and science by teaching them how to knit and…

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Red Vines vs. Twizzlers: You Decide

Which would you rather eat, Red Vines or Twizzlers?

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Holiday Helpers: Awesome Places to Volunteer as a Family

Check out some of the funnest ways to get out and do some hands-on volunteering to remind your kiddos that the season is really about the gift of giving (not getting).

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