Countdown to 2021! The Ultimate New Year’s Activities for Families

Who’s ready for a brand new year? Break out the noisemakers because the party is ramping up!

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Fun Places to Go on Christmas Day (When Most Everything Is Closed)

Yes, there is life out there on Christmas Day. Escape the house and follow our picks for making family memories.

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An Insider’s Guide to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

Get the lowdown on the always-fabulous Magnificent Mile Lights Festival . . . and then add it to your family’s holiday agenda.

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The Bean, Cloud Gate Chicago

Chilly Weather Fun at the Midwest’s Most Visited Attraction

Chart your mission for an afternoon well spent playing tourist at the beautiful-no-matter-the-season Millennium Park.

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Ideas Big and Small to Honor Hispanic Heritage Month in Chicago

We’re throwing you ideas on how to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month in honor of your own family, or a neighbor you love.

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Pick a Flick! Outdoor Movies for Summer Nights

From parks to rooftops, there are locations reeling cinematic favorites all season long. Pull up a lawn chair and enjoy a show in the great outdoors.

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Children’s Entertainer, Raffi, Bringing Smiles to Chicago

Jumpstart your spring kiddie concert-going with a live show with the legendary Raffi.

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Magic Fountains Worth Your Pennies

We rounded up local water fountains worthy of your wishes. Some you can actually play in!

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Stroll Over! The 9 Best Parks for Babies

Babies might not old enough to monkey around — but that doesn’t mean they can’t get near the monkey bars. Parks across Chicago are meant for all ages to enjoy, and some are particularly equipped for infants. If you’re itching…

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