The Descendants Royal Wedding Is Finally Airing This Friday

It looks like happily every after is finally in the cards.

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30 Reasons Why Preschoolers Are Awesome

Our favorite might be that they’ll tell you what’s up. Even if it’s downright embarrassing.

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As a Single Mom, I Felt like a Failure. Then I Missed My Flight Home.

“Because of my trip, my so-called selfishness, I was the one who failed. I was sick with guilt.”

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“iCarly” is Back! The Official Trailer Drops for a Summer Reboot

The popular show of the ’00s is rebooting after a nine year hiatus!

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Here’s What Grandparents Plan to Do After the Pandemic

It’s been a tough year for grandmas and grandpas everywhere.

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Nostalgia Alert! NECCO Chocolate Wafers Are Making a Comeback

Nab an entire roll of chocolate-only wafers.

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This Awesome High Schooler Will Inspire Your Kids to Write Letters to Seniors

Want to spread a little sunshine to senior citizens? This teen-created organization is looking for kid volunteers!

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No Matter How Hard It Is for You

“All I think about is who will take care of them when I’m gone, and if they’ll be taken advantage of or treated badly wherever they are.”

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Friends, I Feel You

“Friends, I know it’s hard. Let’s all lean in on each other. Through each other’s strength and support, we will be lifted and rise above.”

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Why I See Labels Not Limits

“That label got my son everything he needed and more. That label took away his limitations. It gave him a fighting chance.”

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Delaying Preschool or Daycare Because of COVID-19? Here’s What to Do at Home

“With the onset of COVID-19, many parents have been forced to delay their toddler’s entry into daycare or preschool. Here are things you can do with your child to help mimic what they would learn and be more prepared when you are ready to send them.”

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Why Some Marriages Fail: My Experience Revealed

“Though I cannot go back and correct the past, I will always make good the lessons learned by investing in the present and hoping for a better and prosperous future.”

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Boost Their Brains with Easy Memory Games

Today is Summer Brain Day and we all know about the infamous “summer slide.” Use these games—from classic to DIY—to help boost their brains and have a little fun doing it!

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Last-Minute Ways to Make This Thanksgiving Sweet for Kids (and Us)

“No matter how or with whom you’re celebrating this Thanksgiving, here are some easy, last-minute ways to infuse it with a little extra meaning and connection.”

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Beat the Long-Distance Blues: 9 Tips for Surviving (and Enjoying!) Holidays Away from Family

Love the ones you’re with this holiday season with these tips on how to make spirits bright even when family is far apart.

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Mira Royal Detective Diwali

Celebrate Diwali with “Mira, Royal Detective”

Disney Junior released a new dance tutorial as well.

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Miss the Movies? AMC Is Now Renting Theaters

Here’s your chance to host your own private viewing party!

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Mickey Vampire

Get Ready for Halloween With Disney Junior

Starting Oct. 2. the DisneyNOW app will feature a Halloween-themed suite of games.

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3 Remote Work Tips to Help Your Kids Adapt to Distance Learning

“Here are some common issues I’ve seen during the transition to remote work and how I’ve coached my employees through these rough patches. The same advice can help our kids with their own transition.”

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Butterfinger Wants You to Win $25,000 This Halloween

Butterfinger thieves (aka parents) can turn themselves in to the “BFI” for a chance to win.

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Nameberry’s Most Popular Baby Names of 2020…So Far

A favorite from last year has dropped off the list.

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The Child-Inspired Cereal Has Arrived & Here’s Where to Find It

The limited-edition cereal is just as cute as Baby Yoda!

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Cobra Kai

“Cobra Kai” Comes to Netflix

The first two seasons will premiere on Netflix this year, with an all-new third season to follow.

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7-Year-Old Throws Sweetest Mini Prom for His Babysitter

A 6 foot pool noodle was used to show how far apart the prom dates could be from each other. 

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Hug Machine

Mom Builds Ingenious Structure Allowing Grandma to Hug Kids

Nana was able to hold her grandchildren for the first time in months.

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