Baby Beach Hacks! 25 Mom-Approved Tips to Make It Manageable

It’s beach season, and these tips will maximize your fun in the sun.

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Making Mom’s Self Care a Priority

As moms, we focus so much energy on our families, which means we often neglect our own mental, emotional, and physical health. There’s simply too much to do each day, so we often bump our needs off the to-do list.…

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Simple Ways to Support Your Family’s Immune Health

“Foods that are called superfoods offer more nutrients, bite for bite, than other foods in their category. Sneaking superfoods into their diets is crucial.”

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Gear to Get You Through the Pandemic: Our DC Editor’s Guide

What’s keeping our DC Editor sane this summer? Find out here.

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Two Moms Share How a Quality Plush Toy Can Make Life So Much Easier

We’ve curated some real life mom hacks that illustrate the important role of your child’s first best friend and exactly why you #gottagettaGUND.

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Grow Your Mom Tribe Like a Duchess With This New LA App

Mom tested, Duchess approved. Match.com has met it’s mommy match!

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