The Real Reason Motherhood Is So Hard

The real reason being a mom today is so hard? The guilt and expectations of motherhood and womanhood are all-encompassing and exhausting.

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I’m a SAHM Turned Working Mom

“When I had my first baby, I quit my job and never looked backed…until now.”

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Where’s the ‘How to Maintain Your Identity’ Manual?

” It was a mistake to allow motherhood to swallow me whole, but I had no guidance on how to maintain my identity.”

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Hey Moms: Stop Putting Your Own Needs on Hold

Not being home with my children 100% of the time doesn’t sound so bad anymore. In fact, I am coming to believe that I will be a better mother if I can get away and do more for me.

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This Spa Is Just for Worn-Out Parents & BRB, Making Reservations

A spa with its very own childcare—on site? Where do we sign up??

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Here’s How I Save My Kid’s Artwork Without Being a Hoarder

Part of surviving fall in our house is intertwined with surviving school with my three girls and all the stuff they bring home. ​It came to a head this weekend with a bit of a bad-Mommy moment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t…

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Letting My Daughter Fall Taught Me This Hard but Important Lesson

To all the moms out there who let their kids fall, I’m with you. We can’t learn to get back up if we are never down.

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To the Mom Struggling to Hold It Together: You’ve Got This

To the Mom Struggling to Hold It Together,
I have something important to tell you, mama: I don’t see you.

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Now, don’t stop reading just yet. Please hear me out. It’s true I don’t see…

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An Open Letter To My Soon-to-Be Fifth Grader

The other night I woke in a panic, with that unmistakable feeling I’d forgotten something. My eyes darted around the dark, taking stock of familiar surroundings, while my mind raced to retrieve what it was that sent me reeling.


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In the Trenches

“The struggle is real” they say when we share our struggles of motherhood. It doesn’t matter whether I’m talking about my struggles in the classroom, at home as a mother with three young children including a baby, or the balance…

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Make Momma’s Happiness A Priority

I see frequent posts on my social media platforms about the importance of moms making their happiness a priority, of making “me time” a non negotiable in their day. Yet sometimes as women we feel selfish for making our “me…

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