Tiny Birth Stories: Can You Relate?

Here are five birth stories that will have you laughing, crying and nodding your head in solidarity. 

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Mando Mondays

Disney & Lucasfilms Announce “Mando Mondays”

This new global product reveal program is in celebration of “The Mandalorian”.

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How I Handled My 2-Year-Old’s Separation Anxiety

It is essential to prepare your children for new experiences, especially when they’re young.

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Dear Working Moms: I Now Understand

I had no idea the amount of effort it took to be a working parent until I had my little one in 2015 and my plans to be a fantastic teacher while being a fantastic parent, went up in flames.

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Tweets of the week- 4.13.18

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: April 13, 2018

Thank you, Twitter parents for making us laugh this week.

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10 Reasons Why Newborns Are the Best

They party all night and sleep all day. We’re not talking teenagers (yet). We’re talking newborns and why they’re awesome.

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This Is What It’s Really Like to Have a “Weekend” Husband

“You’re so lucky!”

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“You don’t have to wake up early to help with breakfast or do that extra load of laundry!.”
“You don’t have to deal with a man-child every single day!”
These are only…

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3 Ways Parents Can Ruin Kids With An Allowance

It can be hard to decide to give your children an allowance. It seems like there are a million parents writing articles explaining that you will ruin your children if you give them an allowance. Well, they aren’t completely wrong.…

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Why Wait For the Weekend? Weekday Family Fun Is On

From Manic Mondays to Freaky Fridays and every day in between: we found something fabulous for your family to do 8 days a week!

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It’s a Total Eclipse of the Sun: Where to See It in LA

Whatever you do – don’t look directly at the sun! Find out where and how you can safely see (and learn about) the eclipse in LA with your kids.

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Pregnancy and the Horse Latitudes: When the Final Weeks Feel Endless

Photo: Lauren Wellbank
Have you ever heard the phrase horse latitudes before?  If you haven’t, don’t worry, it’s an outdated term with several different interpretations that the average person would have no call to know. The origins of the saying…

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Tips to Improve Your Back-to-School Morning Routine

This post was written by one of our favorite moms, Seng Nickerson, and is shared from her blog here.
As summer winds down, we all know it’s time to prep the kids for the return to the back to school…

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Weekends & Family Time, A Blast From The Past

It was music to my ears when the bell would ring each Friday afternoon at William Winchester Elementary.  All of my classmates would be telling each other “have a good weekend”, or “see you next week”.  The weekend meant anything…

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New & Cool: Sunday Suppers at E.P & L.P

This tucked away Mid-City eatery has started serving a new “We Are Family” Sunday Family Supper. Discover why we love it and you will, too!

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The Secret to Non-Stop Fun on Mondays

Just another manic Monday? Not so fast. There are organized family activities happening across town every Monday that will make your week start on a high note. Discover them here.

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How to Have the Most Memorable Monday Ever

Immortalized in song and lamented by parents worldwide, Monday morning is often accompanied by a long to-do list and a big question mark where your imaginative ideas should be. We’ve got a list of fabulous Monday only activities that will get your week off to a smooth start.

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Kid Flicks: 5 Family-Friendly Movie Theaters

The start of the year marks the beginning of award-winning movie debuts and stellar performances, as voting season for the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards is on the horizon. If you think your film-going days are a thing of…

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Magicians and Nannies With Dinner? Not Your Typical Sunday Night Supper

It’s the same story every Sunday. The day? Glorious! The errands? Done! Eh, mostly. And then crash, bang, boom – dinner. Who’s making it and pray the answer isn’t you. Those days are done my friend. Come Sundays from 4:00pm…

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A Different Kind of Legoland

Waking up and looking out the window on a Monday morning, the last thing you’d expect to see is a life-sized Lego tree sprouting in your front lawn. This isn’t some crazy new movie plot or the beginning of a…

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TGIF: Weekend Classes for Kids

What is with the weekdays lately? Is it just us, or do you feel like you’re running from work to grocery shopping to play dates to homework sessions from the moment you wake up on Monday morning to the moment…

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The Grove Trolley LA

Farmers Markets Old and New: The Grove LA

There are farmers’ markets, and then there is the one & only, original Farmers Market, at 3rd & Fairfax, which is L.A.’s oldest outdoor market. Starting out in the 1930’s and much like today you can find over 70 stalls,…

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