Why Your December Baby Is Less Cranky (According to Studies)

This is why people born in December are a true gift.

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The Top 10 Ways to Make a Pregnant Woman Angry

“Where are your manners people? Hands off! Just because there is a baby in there doesn’t mean you can touch! I’m going to start rubbing people’s stomachs after they eat a large burrito and see how it makes them feel.”

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The One Thing I Won’t Give Up During My Pregnancy

The one thing that has kept me sane for the past 34 weeks of my pregnancy and couldn’t imagine giving up? Dance! Dance! Dance!

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The Secrets My Childhood Diary Reveals to Me about My Own Tween Girl

“There is sass, there is eye rolling and there are meltdowns.”

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There’s New Birth Control out, but It’s Not for Ladies (for Once)

In 2018, the largest clinical trial of a hormonal male contraceptive will get underway.

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How to Overcome These 7 New Mom Challenges

Being a mother is a blissful experience, and sometimes daunting! If you are a new inexperienced mother, life becomes thrilling cum challenging.
The good part, these challenges will help you learn a lot at the same time. A new mommy…

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Do You Have a High Needs Baby? Here’s How to Survive

My second child is what experts call a “high needs” child. For the first six months of her life, she cried every time she got in the car—she cried a lot, actually. She only wanted me to hold her because…

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4 Good Habits I Started That Made My Family Life Happier

Some moms seem to just glide along, on top of the world, with happy kids and sunny homes no matter what the weather outside. Others don’t have it as easy. So is that just down to luck? That might play…

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How to Pair the Perfect Glass with Your Tot’s Mood

Today is National Drink Wine Day and no matter your kiddo’s mood, this clever list from our Spoke Contributor Network will have you laughing while you sip.

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13 Things Every Mom Wishes She Knew Before Her First Baby

You can read every baby book on the planet and still not be fully prepared for the experience of bringing a new human into this world. Here are, a few things you should know first.

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The Newest Resource for Special Needs Kids

Your pediatrician offers same day appointments. The nurse line is open 24 hours a day. Heck, Web MD is always there when you need it. So why is it, when it comes to your child’s mental health, you have to…

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Jazz for Juniors

Seeing how much they have in common – unpredictability, bottomless energy, mood swings, and sometimes being an acquired taste – it’s no surprise that kids can quickly develop an affinity for jazz music, as long as their first exposure is…

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