13 Things to Say to the Working Mom in Your Life

If there was a secret formula for perfecting the parenting trifecta of home life, career and kids, we’d be all over it.

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School Lunch Survival Hacks & Tips to Live By

With back-to-school season on the horizon, we asked savvy moms across the web to share how they stay organized, find inspiring lunch ideas and get their kids to actually eat their entire meal.

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Stonyfield Launches Breakboxes For Adults & They’ll Make Self-Care (Slightly) Easier

Plus the money from each purchase goes directly to No Kid Hungry!

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12 Ways to Help Your Kids Master the Morning Routine

One tip? Cut the morning screen-time. Seriously.

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girl toy decor organize

5 Things Organized People Always Do (& 5 Things They Don’t)

Back to school is the perfect time to get your house organized once and for all—here are five tips and tricks that will help turn your home into the clutter-free sanctuary you’ve always dreamed it could be.

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10 School Morning Tasks Your Kids Can Totally Master by Age 10

If they can brush their teeth, they can also get out the door on time (We swear!).

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The Cutest & Silliest Ways to Say Goodbye Before School

We are partial to the T-Rex hug and the secret handshake!

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Stop Doing These 8 Things for Your Kids This School Year

Your teens should be able to do these things on their own.

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10 Things Productive Moms Do Before 10 a.m.

Here’s a hint—the kids have to get in on the action too.

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The Fire Extinguisher Solution to Parenting

“I always mean well, but it doesn’t always end well. Unfortunately, my watery methods don’t always mix with my children’s sometimes oily troubles.”

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Bode Miller & Family Announce Baby Girl on the Way

She’s due in November and will join a full house of love.

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Morning Coffee with a Side of Mom Guilt

“Despite the fact that my coffee was already brewing, and I had a lot to do, I remained in bed pulling the covers over my head, stuck in my own head, feeling tremendous amounts of mom guilt.”

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Michelle Major

Making Motherhood & My Dream Career a Reality

“My kids have seen me do something for myself—they’ve watched the high points and the low points but they know their mom works hard for happiness.”

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Easy Hairstyles That Put the Mom Bun to Shame

Easy hairstyles anyone can do––even if you’re staying home for the day.

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mother and daughter

Our Little Advocate

“She is not an autism expert, none of us are. But she has learned to be a thoughtful, kind human who knows differences are good, beautiful and something to be proud of.”

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7 Ways to Welcome a New Baby Home… to Your Toddler

Photo: Whitney Summers Photography
“I peed all over myself and I ruined my new, special, sparkly shoes from my baby sister. It was my gift from my baby sister! It’s all ruined!”
This was not at all how I imagined…

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Celebrate National English Muffin Day with a Sweet Cinnamon Bun Flavor

Thomas’s new English muffin flavor is packed with cinnamon sweetness.

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Creative Ways to Set Up a Visit from the Easter Bunny

We’ve found tips and tricks for creating a special egg hunt, setting up an Easter Bunny tracker and making a bunny trail sure to light up your little chick’s eyes.

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L'Eggo With Eggo - Shawn Johnson East & Andrew East

L’Eggo the Chaos of Mornings & Get Free Waffles

Share your own messy mornings stories.

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Working Moms, a Pandemic & Our Breaking Point

“We need you to treat us like you would expect to be treated. We are your employees, your constituents, your friends, your neighbors, the people passing you on the street. And we are tired. We are struggling. We are barely making it day to day.”

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Highway Delivery!

“Being first-time parents, we knew it was going to be a long labor…but also as first-time parents, you don’t know what you don’t know.”

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This Mom’s Genius Answer to “Is Santa Real?” Went Viral & It’s So Perfect

This mom pretty much solved the “Is Santa Real?” question. Read her awesome ideas.

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Santa Cam

Yankee Candle Gives Us Peek into Santa’s Workshop This Year

Access to Santa’s virtual office is available this holiday season, around the clock, now through Dec. 24.

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How I Soak in the Small Moments

“I have learned that parenting can feel how I imagined it to be, even if the circumstances of what it looks like are different.”

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Lockdown Made Me a Better Parent. Here’s Why

“In the beginning, I have to say, I was a terrible parent. Every morning I would be glued to my phone, checking the latest coronavirus numbers and getting stressed about our lack of progress, all the while totally ignoring my children.”

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Christmas Stockings That the Whole Family Will Love

Who says you have to wait until Christmas Eve for a little magic on your mantle?

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