Why People Born in April Are Outgoing (According to Experts)

Discover the character traits of those born in the fourth month of the year.

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The Sesame Workshop’s Latest Collab Reinvents Play for All Abilities

The interactive cube features the voices of beloved Sesame Street characters.

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Yara Shahidi Barbie

Yara Shahidi’s Barbie Doll Is Here for the 2020 Election

Barbie hopes to inspire girls all around the world.

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HISTORY Launches Free “History at Home” Lessons

Lesson plans to match the themes of the videos will be provided after each video.

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To My Friends on Facebook: I’m Not as Good a Mom as You Think I Am

“Really, I post the pictures for encouragement. Those ‘likes’ you’re giving me? They make me feel like I’m doing something right. They’re like the silent voices cheering me on.”

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How to Hit the Ski Slopes with Kids in 30 “Simple” Steps

“Preparing for a ski day with four kids under six calls for a whole new level of parenting dexterity.”

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Here’s Why I Don’t Tell My Kids to Have a Good Day—& What I Say Instead

“I don’t just want my children to have a good day—even though that is important to me.”

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This Organized Life: January & February 2019 Spoke Writing Contest

We’re here for all the ways you plan to make 2019 your best year yet.

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Kids Suddenly Love Doing Chores When Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town

“Santa and his elves will be watching to make sure those chores are getting done and that valuable lessons are being learned as well.”

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I’m Not Afraid to Push My Kids Out of Their Comfort Zones

“Growing up, I was that kid who hated trying new things.”

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This Popular Toy Maker Launches GoFundMe to Help Save Toys”R”Us

Could Toys”R”Us get a last-minute save from a new buyer?

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3 Easy Ways I Got My Kids to Love Cooking

One mom shares her simple tips to make kitchen time with your kids that much easier and more fun.

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This Gym Motivation App Will Pay You To Work Out

This app could be just the right motivation you need to get moving.

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Starting a Business With Your Kids Is Actually a Pretty Cool Idea

There are many parents who take the big step of starting a business. Most people would think it would be impossible to do so when you have kids, but it can oftentimes be quite the opposite.

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Don’t Miss: The NEW StoryWalk in the Marin Headlands

Combine outdoor exploration and reading as you explore the Marin Headlands on this scenic StoryWalk.

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Every Child Should Watch This Inspiring Teacher-Created Video

Check out what this sixth-grade teacher is doing to motivate students.

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These Are the Best Hacks to Get the Kids out the Door in the Morning, According to Pinterest

Make your morning routine headache-free with these top Pinterest tips.

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Eye Exams Aren’t Scary

Here are some facts you should know about eye health:

One in five parents do not take their kids to the eye doctor for the first time until their children are school age (at least five years old).

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Kids Not Behaving? Psychologist Says Teaching Empathy Can Help

We all know kids misbehave sometimes, but here’s one way to get them to stop.

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How to Get Excited About Exercise (So You’ll Actually Do It)

Hating exercise is all in your head. Here’s how to change your perspective.

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The runDisney Phenomenon

Photo: Cam Bowman
Let’s be perfectly clear here… I am not in shape. I don’t exercise regularly even though I want to with all my being. I let every excuse in the book prevent me from going to the gym…

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Seattle Rocks! The 411 on the Latest Scavenger Hunt to Hit Sea-Town

Find a rock, leave a rock or re-hide a rock. It’s the latest game of hide-and-seek to hit the Puget Sound and we’ve got the scoop on how you can start playing.

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No More Good Doggie: How Rewards and Praise Hurt Students

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons
One afternoon, my son came home from school and unpacked three certificates of academic achievement printed out on cheerful purple and orange cardstock. He seemed mildly pleased with his awards, but something was bothering him: Every…

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6 Ways to Make Your Kids Love Reading

Photo: all of them are free for use, first two are my own images,
Encouraging children to love reading has always been a challenge for parents and teachers. Reading is an essential skill not only in education, but in…

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A Role Model for My Daughter

Photo: Amber Mamian
This fall Fox will wow audiences with its new drama “Pitch“ and not just by its cleverly worded script and groundbreaking partnership with MLB. But, rather for the grand slam it makes enlightening parents on the dangers of narcissistic parenting.…

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Why Your Kids Should be Bored This Summer (According to Psychologists)

Photo: Martin Thomas via Flickr
Parents, stop whatever fun activities you thought you needed to do with your kiddos this summer. Psychologists are giving you a break, and recommend that your little ones get bored this season.
Psychologists and child…

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3 Creative Ways to Use Stickers

So over sticker books? Here are 3 creative ways to start using stickers now.

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Snap To It! 8 Local Services That Save You Time

These new services are mom and dads’ little helpers, offering to everything from clearing the clutter from your closets to making house calls when Fido feels under the weather.

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7 Surprising Stats You Should Read for Healthy Eyes

Before your kids officially head to the classroom, add one more thing to your to-do list: a yearly eye exam for your child.

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Buy An App, Support Kids’ Literary Programs

On any given day, our little ones are pirates, princesses, astronauts, and race car drivers. They go on wild adventures that they simply can’t wait to share with us. So it goes without saying that our kids love to tell…

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See Jane Run

4066 24th St.
(Between Noe St. & Castro St.)
San Francisco, Ca 94114
Ever feel like chasing the little one around might not quite be cutting it for your daily exercise intake? While you’re in the neighborhood, stop by See…

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